Career & Technical Education Assistance Program

The Career & Technical Education Assistance Program (CTE) assists individuals with significant barriers to education and/or employment, including: single parents, displaced homemakers, students with disabilities, educationally disadvantaged students and individuals interested in nontraditional occupations (for their gender) in Career and Technical Education fields.

Students must complete a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, declare an Associate of Applied Science degree, Associate of Business degree or Certificate program, participate in required meetings/events, maintain adequate progress and demonstrate financial need to be considered for scholarship services. The program no longer funds students in AS or AGS - general degrees.

Important Dates:

December 9th, 2019               Accepting TAP (Textbook Assistance Program) for Spring 2020 
January 13th, 2020                 Release of TAP textbooks


Career & Technical Education Assistance Program Staff

Bradford Glover, M.C.J.
Director of Career & Transfer Services

Rita Smith
Program Coordinator

Leanita "Nikki" Hughes
Senior Specialist-CTE
Charleston Campus

Santarpia McNeill
Senior Specialist-CTE
North Las Vegas Campus

Our Services include:

  • Academic & Career Advising
  • Career Exploration - TypeFocus V7
  • Internship Information & Volunteer Opportunities
  • Non-traditional Career Information
  • Financial Resources Info for College Students
  • Student Development Workshops
  • Scholarships for Tuition & Textbooks
  • (Available for those who qualify)
  • Uniforms & Transportation Assistance
  • Textbook Assistance Program (TAP)
    • (Available to all students)
  • ​Assistance with payment of TEASE and Praxis Assessment 

The Career & Technical Assistance Program is currently accepting applications.

**Only students who have submitted a 2019-2020 FAFSA application, demonstrate financial need, have Nevada residency status at CSN, pursuing an AA degree in Education or Secondary Education, AAS degree, AB degree, or a Certification program, and are registered in classes will be considered. Please note that the CTE program cannot assist with excess credit fees.

Textbook Assistance Program (TAP)

Textbooks are loaned to students on a per semester basis.  Students must provide a class schedule and complete a TAP application with detailed information concerning each textbook they are requesting. This program is open to all CSN students.


Campus Locations:

West Charleston Campus

Mod 9

Near the K Building

North Las Vegas Campus

Main Building, East Wing, Room 120

Academic Success Services Area

Henderson Campus


Student Union