School of Business, Hospitality & Public Services

How well are students demonstrating learning in Business, Hospitality, and Public Services?

Figure 1

Percent of Student Learning Outcome Achievement Across BHPS Programs

Figure 1 above shows that student achievement of program learning outcomes (across 35 Business, Hospitality, and Public Services programs) has only slightly declined from 88% in 2015 -2016 to 87% in 2016-2017.  Business, Hospitality, and Public Services programs are refining the validity of their assessment methods to effectively interpret SLO evidence, continuously identify various teaching and learning items that need improvement.  School programs are identifying improvement actions and working on making evidence-based decisions for improvement to curriculum teaching, and student learning.

Figure 2

ALL SLOs Achieved at 80% or Higher

Figure 2 above illustrates the percentage of Business, Hospitality, and Public Services programs where the learning outcomes for a program have all been achieved by students at 80% or higher.  This percentage was 80% in 2015-2016 and then declined to 11% in 2016-2017 because several annual reports were not submitted or SLO achievement was not indicated in the annual report.     


How well are Students Learning within Department Programs?

All programs identify valid assessment measures and report on how well students are performing the essential abilities within the learning major.  CSN has set a goal for all student learning outcomes (program or course) to be achieved by students at 80% or higher.  For each of the programs listed below, student learning outcome achievement is shown as student performance averaged across all program student learning outcomes (SLOs).