The Laboratory Support Division oversees the operation, preparation, and overall laboratory oversight for the School of Science and Mathematics at the College of Southern Nevada. This division provides support for order requests, chemical inventory, equipment use and reservations, and laboratory policies, procedures, and safety.


Laboratory Support is Provided in the Following Areas

  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Hiring, training, and mentorship
  • Chemical Inventory Oversight
  • Hazardous Waste Oversight
  • Instructional Laboratory and Research Support (reagents, gases, liquids, safety policies).
  • Chemical Safety and Training
  • Minor Instrument and equipment maintenance
  • Laboratory preparation for the following courses:
    • Biology laboratory sections
    • Chemistry laboratory sections
    • Physic laboratory sections
    • Any area as required to support student success
  • Comprehensive list of equipment

Chemical inventory Order Requests

  • For teaching laboratory orders, please reach out to the Director of Laboratories to process your request.
  • For research activities, please reach out to the Director of Laboratories to either process your request or, notify the Director that you will be ordering supplies for research activities.
  • Bulk ordering is conducted well in advance of each semester for pricing, shipping, and stock management. Please reach out to the Director ofLaboratories to process your request.

Use of Equipment for Research Activities

To avoid anything unexpected, please reach out to the Director to notify the Laboratory Support Division of your needs in advance.