Spanish is spoken by 500 million people worldwide with 52 million of those in the United States alone. Speaking Spanish may not be directly required for your career, but even a little can be vital to you. And don’t forget that learning Spanish can give you the opportunity to meet new friends, help as you travel to new places, and understand Hispanic cultures and traditions.

The Spanish courses at CSN will help you build an initial foundation in the language and the confidence to communicate with Spanish speakers. CSN offers Spanish language classes for beginners to intermediate students of Spanish, as well as Spanish for Heritage speakers. Students can earn an A.A. degree in World Languages with an emphasis in Spanish, which can be completed either online or in a traditional class.

Present Spanish Courses

Spanish Lead Faculty
(For prerequisite waivers, placement, etc.)
Office: West Charleston, WC I-309 J
Email: Contact Us

Degree: World Languages Associate of Arts

2019-2020 General Catalog and Student Handbook

  • SPAN 101B Basics of Spanish I
  • SPAN 105B Spanish for Health Professions I *
  • SPAN 111 First Year Spanish I
  • SPAN 112 First Year Spanish II
  • SPAN 126 Introduction for Spanish for Heritage Speakers
  • SPAN 211 Second Year Spanish I
  • SPAN 212 Second Year Spanish II
  • SPAN 223 Spanish Caribbean Culture *
  • SPAN 224 Mexican Culture *
  • SPAN 226 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
  • SPAN 227 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II

Note: Courses with an asterisk are not offered every semester. Check the upcoming semester course offerings to determine if a course is presently available.


World Languages Associate of Arts Degree

Obtaining a Prerequisite Waiver to Enroll

Step 1

If you have completed the "equivalent" CSN World Language Department prerequisite to enroll in the next level of Spanish class and have documentation, follow the steps indicated here below. If you do not presently have documentation, please contact our Spanish Lead Faculty:

  • 1. Send a short email to the CSN Spanish Lead faculty
  • 2. Attach an “unofficial transcript

Please include the following in the body of the email:

1. Name of student
3. Email of student
4. CSN course you wish to enroll in Ex: SPAN 112 or 211)
5. Section number (3001, 1001, ?, etc.)
6. Which semester and year? (Ex: For Fall, 2025)

Please send the documentation (transcript, etc.) as an attachment to the email.

If you are presently enrolled in a required prerequisite course, and the semester has not finished, we can waive the prerequisite upon receipt of proof of enrollment in the college and in the prerequisite class (example SPAN 111, SPAN 112, etc.) along with proof of good standing (note from instructor indicating passing grade, grade print-out, etc.).

Step 2

Enrolling in the course and unblocking the prerequisite: When we have received the email with all the appropriate information and unofficial transcript, we will evaluate the completion of the prerequisite. If approved, you will be notified by email that your request has been approved or denied. If approved, your information will be forwarded so that the prerequisite for the course and section in which you wish to enroll can be unblocked. At that time “you the student” would need to attempt to self-enroll into the class and correct section. No one can enroll for you or place you in the course.

Approval is based on the following criteria:

  1. “C” grade from equivalent college/university within last 5 years       
    Usually approved
  2. High school honor classes    
    HS 3 years–into SPAN 112
    HS 4 years -into SPAN 211

Completion of 2 years of high school is evaluated based on the range of language skills. A transcript indicating a grade of “A” does not necessary indicate the ability or lack thereof to function successfully in SPAN 112. Nevertheless, most students are placed into SPAN 111.