Exterior concept view for the CSN Student Union building
Exterior Concept View

The floor plans for all three student unions will be similar, however, the exterior materials and colors of each union will vary depending on the campus that they are on. This exterior view shows the covered out door eating area adjacent to the new food court.

Picture of Interior Concept View 1
Interior Concept View 1

This rendering shows the food court seating area. The space has been designed to be light and airy with a variety of seating options for the students.

Picture of Interior Concept View 2
Interior Concept View 2

This rendering shows the front entrance to the building. Student Government will be located immediately to the right as a student enters the building. There will be a lot of collaborative and study areas for students to gather.

The college is pleased to announce that the progress on the Student Unions is moving forward! These projects have been in the making for several years now, and will culminate with the grand opening in the Fall of 2019.

These student unions will provide a natural gathering place for our students on campus and help enable a sense of belonging, community and engagement. It is important for our students to have a sense of connectedness to the campus, whether full-time or part-time. These projects are being funded entirely by our students with fees that they themselves voted overwhelmingly for. Student-led, student-driven, students first! 

CSN Student Union Construction

During the building phase, check back here to see regular updates of our progress.

Click here to view the logistics plans showing the construction. These drawings show which areas will be out of service when you return for the Spring semester. This schedule is approximate, and it will depend on the progress of the contractor. Facilities will be sending updates throughout the construction period to help inform every one of the changes that will be occurring during this project. We are currently on schedule to open our new Student Unions for the Fall 2019 semester.



Henderson Campus

The photo shown in the foreground is the rough grading and staking of the road West of the Student Union
North east side of the Henderson Student Union construction with trucks
Preparation for the installation of walk-in freezer and cooler
Ongoing installation of exterior studs around the building
View of interior pipes of Henderson Student Union
Ongoing installation of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, controlled heaters, and other overhead fixtures

Henderson Photos

Construction is moving along in Henderson and is on track to open in Fall 2019!

March 21, 2019

Newly poured decorative colored concrete on the north side of Student Union
On-going construction outside the existing Central Plant
Construction worker on a lift working on installation of electrical conduits
Aerial view of Student Union taken from C building roof



West Charleston

Ariel view of Student Union construction at West Charleston
View of roof and some materials
Worker examining heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Two construction workers installing insulation
Areal view of pedestrians traveling on open walkways
Landscaping in planter boxes and along walkways planted

West Charleston Photos

Lots of progress at West Charleston as well - on track to open in Fall 2019!

March 21st, 2019

Construction worker installing metal framing
View from underneath roof
Construction worker on ladder assisting another worker near ceiling ventilation pipes
Irrigation for landscaping installed



North Las Vegas Campus

Workers beginning to lay concrete at new bus stop location
Cement truck in view with workers laying more concrete at new bus stop
Dry wall being installed at mechanical/electrical and fire riser room
Tree removal for new main entry monument with worker on crane
Roofing installation started at south side of Student Union building
New bus stop location

North Las Vegas Campus - Main Entrance Closure, A Building

The path of travel to the 1st level of the A building will not be accessible through June 14th. During this time, pedestrians traveling from the parking area north of the building, may enter through the north side entrance. From the parking area southeast of the A building, pedestrians can go through the south C building entrance to reach the second floor bridge across to the Telecom building.

The path of travel to the 1st level of the A building will not be accessible from March 18th through June 14th

North Las Vegas Photos

March 21st, 2019

Air handlers being lifted into position above roof
Demolition of sidewalks from old bus stop to A building
Fencing moved to close off and relocate bus stop



Student Tours

On February 27th, Ronald Gregrich and his students from his Construction Management class, had the opportunity to tour the Student Union at the West Charleston campus. Our Student Government team also toured the progress of the Student Union at West Charleston on March 8th. Highlights of the tours included walking the meeting spaces that will be housed inside the Student Unions and overall on-going construction.

Student Union outreach tour group photo at West Charleston March 8, 2019
Students tour the Student Union construction at West Charleston February 27, 2019
Student tour group with Student Union construction site in the background
Students standing under structural supports
Students from Ronald Gregrich's Construction Management class reviewing architectural renderings with him against actual site construction
Tour group viewing interior of meeting space on southeast side of the Student Union