CSN Student Unions Open!

Exterior View of completed Henderson Student Union

Student Union

Evening exterior view of completed West Charleston Student Union

West Charleston
Student Union

North Las Vegas exterior view of Student Union

North Las Vegas
Student Union

The College of Southern Nevada is pleased to announce the Student Unions at the three main campuses; Henderson, West Charleston, and North Las Vegas are now open!

Since their grand opening in Fall 2019, the Student Unions have been bustling with students, faculty, staff and the surrounding respective communities. These beautiful buildings were funded entirely by our wonderously diverse student body, paid with fees they voted for - another student-led, student-driven, students first initiative!

Henderson Campus

The photo shown in the foreground is the East entrance of the Student Union with built-in desks on the steps
View of Henderson Student Union at Night
View of Henderson Student Union in daylight
Exterior stairs leading to the building

Henderson Photos

Lobby open area for studying and gathering
Conference room with tables set up in a long rectangle
Gathering tables in open area
Patio view in the evening



West Charleston

West Charleston Student Union at dusk
Student Government office inside Student Union at West Charleston
Student Union entrance in the foreground with landscaped leading walkways
Brand new food court
Sitting area with tables and chairs for eateries

West Charleston Photos

Study rooms available for quite study space
More individual study options for students in upholstered chairs with privacy enclosure and desk
Patio in the daylight
Cloudy skies over the Student Union at West Charleston



North Las Vegas Campus

Student Government office at North Las Vegas Student Union
Eatery inside Student Union at North Las Vegas Campus
Group study sessions in progress
Welcome open space for gathering with tables, chairs, and private partitioned desks

North Las Vegas Photos

Occupants eating in the open dining area
Students traveling down corridor
Front view of eatery inside Student Union at North Las Vegas