Supplemental Instruction.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered to any currently enrolled CSN student who is taking a course where Supplemental Instruction is offered. SI sessions are completely voluntary, FREE and unlimited. Come prepared to work with your peers to better understand the course content by playing games, building and using models, asking questions and having fun!


CSN Courses with Supplemental Instruction (SI) support will have SI Sessions online. SI Leaders will use the web conferencing feature of Canvas to hold study sessions. SI Leaders will inform students through Canvas of when and how to access SI by the end of this week, March 20, 2020.

Spring 2020 Supplemental Instruction Courses:

Course Name
BIOL 189 All3

Supplemental Instruction is not offered during summer session. Please visit Centers for Academic Success for tutoring.

About Supplemental Instruction

  1. Fun, informal study sessions
    Supplemental Instruction is not about lecturing or re-teaching. During these sessions, students master content by playing games and participating in activities with their peers. These activities are designed to simplify content and approach class material in different ways.

  2. A FREE way to get better grades
    Students who participate in at least 3 Supplemental Instruction sessions between each exam score, on average, more than a FULL letter grade higher than students who don't come. Students who participate in Supplemental Instruction are also less likely to withdraw from their course!

  3. A more effective use of study time
    Supplemental Instruction leaders are students who have already taken this class and passed with a high grade. That means they know exactly what it takes to be successful in this class! Participating in a Supplemental Instruction session is studying, because your leader will show you new ways to learn and remember the content, and also teach you tricks like how to take better notes or study for exams.

  4. A place to make mistakes
    Supplemental Instruction sessions are voluntary and anonymous. Your instructor won't know who comes to Supplemental Instruction. This makes them the perfect place to test your understanding and make mistakes without it impacting your grade! Supplemental Instruction is a place to learn and practice hands-on with your peers, not to be embarrassed if you get something wrong.

  5. All about you
    Come when you like and stay as long as you can - even if you can't make it on time or stay for the entire session! Bring your questions (and even your lunch) to your Supplemental Instruction sessions to take advantage of the hands-on learning here.


Is Supplemental Instruction just like tutoring?
No. Supplemental Instruction is different than tutoring. In a Supplemental Instruction session, you and your peers do the work! It is an opportunity to get hands-on with the material and learn it your way. In some of our previous sessions, students have made paper models, played games on the white board, build structures out of legos and play-dough, and drove race cars through the various parts of a cell. These are just some examples of what we do here.

Also, your Supplemental Instruction leader won't answer your questions like a tutor will. Instead, your leader will guide you and the others in the session so that you can answer your own questions and learn what to do when you get stumped. The activities you participate in during your sessions will cover the most difficult material of the class so that you're prepared on test day.

Of course, the best part is that you can access all learning support services! You can come to the Supplemental Instruction sessions to get practice working with the concepts from class and meet with a tutor at one of the Centers for Academic Success locations—visit for more information.

Meet Your Supplemental Instruction Leader

SI Leaders

Gibran Arroyo Mentor  
Avery Passmore Mentor  
Naidelin Maldonado Mentor West Charleston Campus
Amelia Norman BIOL 189  

Raquel Khonsavan
Mentor/ SI Leader

BIOL 189 North Las Vegas
Ariana Jackson-Curry BIOL 189 Henderson Campus
Amanda Leverett BIOL 189 Henderson Campus
Jose Rays BIOL 189 North Las Vegas Campus

Morgan Hope

BIOL 189 West Charleston Campus

Dwayne Hooper

BIOL 189 North Las Vegas Campus
Lauren Augsburger BIOL 189 West Charleston Campus

Amy Austin
Mentor/ SI Leader

BIOL 189 North Las Vegas
Frehiwot Gizaw BIOL 189 West Charleston Campus
Gale Cullinane BIOL 189 North Las Vegas

Raquel Khonsavan
Mentor/ SI Leader

BIOL 223 West Charleston Campus
Jaime Calilung BIOL 223 North Las Vegas

Nayeli Chavez-Ramirez
Mentor/ SI Leader

BIOL 223 North Las Vegas
Jordan Bem BIOL 223 North Las Vegas
Aimee Morgan-Linares BIOL 223 West Charleston Campus
Jaime Calilung BIOL 223 North Las Vegas
Chrystal Nelson CHEM 122 West Charleston Campus
Theresa Marcos CHEM 241 West Charleston Campus
Allison Tsai PHYS 151 West Charleston Campus
Leon Pescasio NURS 125 West Charleston Campus
Bryan Burns Math 182 West Charleston Campus