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Tyrone ThomsonFor those who knew, Tyrone Thomson he was extremely active in his community, serving on several boards and councils over the years. As an Assemblyman representing North Las Vegas since 2013, he was an advocate for education and chaired the Nevada Assembly Education Committee. His eyes and ears were always open to the challenges in the community.

Cheering Crowd for Scholarship Fund

Photograph by Benjamin Hager - used with permission

To keep Tyrone’s commitment to education, youth and memory alive, the College of Southern Nevada Foundation has established a scholarship fund in Tyrone’s name. In 2020, Three scholarship awards of $1,625 will be provided to students attending the College of Southern Nevada High School on the North Las Vegas campus – an area of Las Vegas Tyrone called home.

The Tyrone Thompson Scholarship will allow students to complete their associate degree debt-free.

CSN High School Students NLV scholarship recipients will graduate from CSN High School with an associate degree and high school diploma. This is life changer for these students and truly putting them on a pathway to prosperity in Tyrone’s memory.

Your gift to the Tyrone Thompson Scholarship Fund will allow the CSN Foundation to provide more scholarships annually. Your tax-deductible donation is an investment in the future of the youth and community in North Las Vegas.

Scholarships will be awarded in May 2020.

Please make a contribution today.