The Las Vegas Area Barcoding Team, a CSN student and faculty mixed team, participated in a national DNA Barcoding effort funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health and DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to help identify and map ant species of the United States. This team was able to publish nine (9) gene sequences with four (4) of the sequences being new polymorphisms and two (2) of them novel sequences. These submissions will be used to monitor ants' ranges and contribute to data that reveals responses to climate change and the movement of invasive species.

This program provides an invaluable opportunity for students to experience authentic research, in a structured manner, while contributing to a larger (and growing) body of scientific knowledge.

Researcher Team:  Prof. Brain Wainscot, Dr. Sonja Burd, Dr. Chelsey McKenna, and Jennifer Stevens of the Department of Biological Sciences, College of Southern Nevada.

For more information, please contact Professor Brian Wainscot

Formica microphthalma species