Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Please read and comply with these instructions carefully.  If you have questions, contact the VETS Center at (702) 651-5060 or Contact Us.  If an instruction is unclear, do not guess! Incorrect answers can cause significant delays.

If you have not yet been approved for the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program in the State of Nevada, visit the Veterans Affairs Office at 4800 Alpine Place, Las Vegas, Nevada, so you can begin the process of entitlement determination.  You must have a service-connected disability to be eligible to apply for VA Vocational Rehabilitation.  Once approved for the program, continue with these instructions as advised by your rehabilitation counselor.

Admission to the College - If you have not already done so, submit an admissions application to the Office of The Registrar.  In completing this form, indicate your educational goal as advised by your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

If you'll be pursing a degree/certificate, or transfer credits at CSN, you must complete Steps 3 through 5 below before you'll be permitted to register for classes.  If you're not pursuing one of these academic goals, complete steps 3 through 5 as advised by your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at the address above.

Placement Test - You may need English and/or mathematics classes for your program.  If you have not previously completed these classes at CSN or some other college, you will be required to take placement tests at the Testing Center before you can enroll in mathematics or English classes.  Newly admitted students who are pursuing a degree/certificate, or transfer credits, must complete Placement Testing before they may enroll in any classes at CSN.  The results of these tests will indicate that you are either qualified to enter into college-level English and Mathematics classes, or must take refresher classes.

Academic Counseling - Newly admitted students who are pursuing a degree/certificate or transfer credits, or as directed by VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, must see a CSN academic counselor to assist in choosing the program of study you plan to follow at CSN.  If you are seeking a medically related program, see a health programs advisor at the North Las Vegas or West Charleston Campuses.  With your program goal identified, ask for a copy of the degree sheet which shows the classes you will need so you can complete that goal and graduate, or transfer.   Provide a copy of this sheet to your rehabilitation counselor, the original to the VA Office at the Charleston Campus.

Enrollment in Classes - Enroll with the Office of The Registrar in those classes that are approved by your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  Remember that the VA will pay tuition, fees, and benefits for only those classes required for your approved educational program.

VA 28-1905 - This is your authorization for training under the Vocational Rehabilitation Program.  After you enroll in classes at CSN, be prepared to present this form to the Charleston VETS Center.  Keep a copy of this form, and make an additional copy to be used at the CSN Bookstore.  That additional copy, used by the bookstore, will be accepted in lieu of payment for the cost of textbooks required in your approved classes.

Payment of Tuition - The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay your tuition for those classes approved by your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  After enrolling in your classes, present this form to the Charleston Campus VETS Center.  A voucher will be provided to you, for delivery to the Cashier's Office, so the VA will be charged the fees for approved classes.  This must be accomplished before the tuition payment deadline published in the class schedule.

Supplies - Your rehabilitation counselor will provide and authorize payment for academic supplies you may purchase, at VA expense, at CSN's Bookstore.  The Bookstore will accept a copy of this authorization, in lieu of payment, for the approved merchandise.

Transfer Credit Evaluation - Your rehabilitation counselor may require that an evaluation of prior military and civilian education be conducted to see if credit can be granted for that education toward your CSN classes.  If an evaluation is required, you should  have official transcripts from all previous colleges forwarded directly to CSN's Office of Admissions and Records.  In addition to transcripts, you should submit certain military documents (see below), along with a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form, to the Office of The Registrar.   Military documents you should submit include any of the following which the Department of Defense should have provided to you:

DD Form 214 - Military Separation Document

When the evaluation is complete, you will receive an evaluation result in the mail.  Submit that evaluation to your rehabilitation counselor.

After you register for classes, and the above instructions are completed (except the Transfer Credit Evaluation results), return with your completed request package.  Include your:

  • Signed degree sheet
  • VA Form 28-1905

There is a small amount of additional documentation for you to complete which should only take a few minutes.