Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance Program

Instructions for Subsequent Application (Already Approved for VA Benefits)

Please read and comply with these instructions.  If you have questions, contact the VETS Center at (702) 651-5060 or Contact Us.  If an instruction is unclear, do not guess! Incorrect answers can cause significant delays.  A copy of a complete paper application or online application (VONAPP) should be hand carried to our VETS Center.

Note: Steps 1 through 4 below must be completed before you may submit any paperwork and/or claim to our office (Step 5).

  1. Apply for Admissions to CSN - If you have not already done so, submit an admissions application online.  If you're claiming VA educational benefits for college credits earned at CSN, you must indicate on the form that you will declare a major and are pursuing either an associate degree or a certificate of achievement.
  2. Placement Test - You may need English and/or mathematics classes for your program.  If you have not previously completed these classes at CSN or another college, you will be required to take placement tests at the Testing Center before you can enroll in mathematics or English classes.  Newly admitted students must complete placement testing before they may enroll in any classes at CSN.  The results of these tests will indicate that you are either qualified to enter into college-level English and mathematics classes, or must take refresher classes.  If refresher classes are required, you may receive benefits for them, but only for the highest level indicated by testing.  If you enroll in refreshers that are not required, you may not receive benefits for them.
  3. Academic Counseling - Seek an academic counselor to assist you in choosing the program of study you plan to follow.  If you are seeking a medically related program, see a health programs advisor at the North Las Vegas or Charleston Campuses.  When you decide on your program, ask for a signed copy of the degree sheet which shows the classes you will need to complete before you can graduate.   You must provide a copy of this sheet to the CSN VA Office.  Retain a copy for yourself.  The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay benefits for only those classes which satisfy unfilled graduation requirements. 
  4. Enrollment in Classes - Enroll with the office of the registrar in any class that you desire, but remember that the VA will pay benefits for only those classes required by the degree program you have submitted to our office.  Although the CSN VA staff members attempt to verify enrollment in proper classes, you are ultimately responsible for your enrollment choices.
  5. After you have completed steps 1-4, submit a copy of your completed VA form 22-1990 or a copy of your online application (VONAPP) to our office along with supporting documentation (see below for Supporting documents)

Supporting Documentation:

  • Signed degree (advisement) sheet,
  • Copy of VA Form 22-1990, online application (VONAPP), or Certificate of Eligibility
  • DD Form(s) 214, copy #4

Transfer Credit Evaluation

The Department of Veterans Affairs will not pay you to take a class if the need for the class was previously satisfied by education received through other sources.  You must have all previous education evaluated for its applicability toward your declared program.  Official transcripts from all previous colleges and any military transcripts must be forwarded directly to CSN's Office of the Registrars. 

**Please go to our VA FORMS link to find the link/form to request your military transcript**

Report the evaluation results to the CSN VA Office no later than the end of the second semester after you begin receiving VA benefits.  You may receive benefits while the evaluation is being conducted, but failure to report the evaluation results may result in a delay of your VA benefits.

As mentioned, the VA will not pay benefits for classes if the need for those classes had been satisfied through prior education.  If you enroll in and receive benefits for a class, and the Transfer Credit Evaluation reveals the requirement for that class had been previously satisfied, the VA may require you to refund any benefits paid toward the unnecessary class.

Note: Payment of Tuition - Payment of VA Educational Benefits is made directly to you, the student. Our processing time may take approximately 6 to 8 weeks, once the Department of Veterans Affairs receives jour certification they will process it and disburse payments.

****Information on how benefits are paid and other procedures****

VA Educational Benefits typically are paid after each month of class attendance is completed.  As a result, do not assume your benefits will arrive in time to pay your fees before the deadline dates published in the Class Schedule.  You should be prepared to pay the cost of tuition, fees, and other expenses up front while VA is processing your application.  The following options are available for payment of tuition:

  1. Pay tuition and any fees at the cashier's office before the deadline published in the Class Schedule (See Catalog/Schedule/Calendar). 
  2. Complete a good faith payment agreement with our VA office.  This is the typical procedure.
  3. Enter into a time payment agreement with cashier's office.
  4. Use financial aid if you have received an award letter from the financial aid office.

VA 22-1990 (can be downloaded from the CSN VA Forms page) - This is your application for educational benefits.  Before completing the form, please fully read the form's "Information and Instructions" pages.  Also, please read each question carefully before answering it!  It is extremely important that you answer questions accurately.  The following clarification of some questions may be useful:

Use the following address on your application for benefits, regardless of which campus you may be attending:

College of Southern Nevada
6375 West Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89146

**It is very important that you review our Veterans Educational Center Standard of Progress**