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Accessibility - Documents - Correcting the Tables "Regularity- Failed" issue

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These instructions assume you have opened the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017, run its accessibility checker, and found this issue.

This issue is caused by tables with merged cells. You should avoid merging cells at all costs! The issue is basically saying that there is not the same number of columns in each row. There should be! If there are 10 columns in the table, there ought to be ten cells in each row. To correct this issue, first determine if you have a source document for the pdf, such as a Microsoft Word or Excel document. You will want to make as many corrections in the source document as possible. This way when you make updates to the document down the road, the issues wont re-appear and have to be corrected again.

Correcting the issue in a MS Source Document

If you need to use a table, make sure to un-merge cells and duplicate the text.
You can also break up the table into smaller peices; ones that may not require the use of a table for everything OR break it up into smaller tables.

Correcting the issue in a PDF Source Document

  1. In the pdf, right click on the "Regularity Failed" issue text and choose, "Show in tabs panel". The tabs panel appears on the left with the table tag selected.
  2. Click the arrow next to the table tag to open it up. You will see a list of "TR" tags.
  3. You will have to open all TR tags and determine which ones are short cells. Each cell should be listed as a "TD" (table data) tag.
  4. To creeate new cells, right click on the cell that will come right before the new one and choose "New Tag".
  5. Select "Table Data Cell" from the options list and click "OK". A new, empty TD cell will appear.
    1. If this cell needs new content, you will need to add this in using the Edit PDF option (not covered in this wiki) and add the text to the newly, created TD tag.
    2. If this cell needs existing content, you can find it in the tags panel and drag-n-drop it into the new cell.
  6. You must make sure that all rows have the same number of cells. Once comfirmed, go back to the accessibility errors panel, right click the error and select "Check again". If successful, the error will show as green.