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Accessibility - Documents - Correcting the Tables "Summary- Failed" issue

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These instructions assume you have opened the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017, run its accessibility checker, and found this issue.

This issue is caused by tables within the pdf that require a Summary (Alternate Text in MS Word). To correct this issue, first determine if you have a source document for the pdf, such as a Microsoft Word document. You will want to make as many corrections in the source document as possible. This way when you make updates to the document down the road, the issues wont re-appear and have to be corrected again.

Correcting the issue in a MS Word Source Document

These instructions are located Accessibility - Documents - Correcting the "Figures alternate text- Failed" issue as this is labelled as an Alternate Text issue in MS Word. Follow those instructions to correct it there.

Correcting the issue in the PDF

  1. With the Accessibility Checker pane open, showing the list of errors, open the Tables "Summary - Failed" error, exposing each table that failed.
  2. Left-click the first one and it should highlight in the document.
  3. On the right side of the screen, there should be a "Reading Order" link. Click it. A popup will appear.
    If you do not have this shown, open the "Accessibility" checker under "Tools" > "Accessibility". The right side menu will appear and have the "Reading Order" option.
  4. With the popup open, a small black box with the text "Table" should appear in the upper left of the table to be corrected.
    If you do not have this, you may have to rebuild the table. Follow the instructions below Rebuilding the Table in Adobe Acrobat for this then return to this step.
  5. Right click on this black label and choose "Edit Table Summary". A popup will appear.
  6. Add it the table summary. Do not make it too long as it should be a fairly strightforward description of the table.
  7. Click "Ok" to close the popup.
  8. Save your PDF.
    You can verify this chage took affect by right clicking the error and select "Check again". The error should go away and the issue appears with a green check mark.

Rebuilding the Table in Adobe Acrobat

Sometimes a table will not be seen correctly in acrobat and a Table Summary cannot be applied to it, event though it is being shown as missing in the accessibility checker. To correct this, we will need to rebuild the table. These instructions assume you have the pdf file open in Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017, have run the accessibility checker, have found the missing table summary, and have the Rreading Order pane open.

  1. With the Reading Order pane open, window select around the existing table, making sure to the entire table and its contents are selected.
  2. In the Reading Order pane, click the "Table" button. The table has now been rebuilt and should allow for a Summary to be added.