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Adding Video to the CSN Website

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This wiki describes the process to take if you or your department would like to post a video onto your webpage on the CSN websites; or

  1. Any video to be posted MUST be approved through Marketing. 
    1. If the video already exists, you must submit a copy of the video, with a list of your web page(s) to be affected with this video, to Marketing for review and approval.
    2. If the video is new and has not been created yet, you must submit a detailed storyboard of what the video will be about, how it will flow, personnel involved including any students, web page(s) to be affected with this video, along with a complete script to be used. Once this is approved and the video is completed, the final copy to be used needs to be submitted back to Marketing for final approval.
  2. Once the final video has been approved through Marketing, the video must be transcribed so that it can meet section 508 compliance and accessibility standards on the web. This transcription must be either:
    1. Exported from the production video software as a supported video subtitle file (.srt).
      You can view more information regarding YouTube subtitles
    2. OR transcribed text from voice in the video placed in a Word/Txt document. We have a couple of tools you can choose from to do this:

      Use OneNote to capture the Text from Voice

      Export the audio and use a transcription tool

      1. Use VLC to convert mp4 to mp3
      2. Upload the mp3 file here for conversion
  3. Once the video has then been transcribed, an email request must be sent to Contact Us, along with the Marketing approval email, requesting the video be uploaded.
  4. Upon receiving this email, Web Services staff will then reach out to get the copy of the video file, the transcription file, information on where the video should be placed on your page(s), and upload it to the CSN approved YouTube Channel.
  5. Once the video is uploaded and the transcription has been added, Web Services will embed the video on your page for you and have you review the page before publishing.