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Year Round Pell Grant


To be eligible for the Year-Round Pell Grant, you must:

  • Have completed a FAFSA for the award year.
  • Be Pell Grant eligible and enrolled in at least half-time (6 + credits) leading toward your declared major for the summer term.
  • Be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Have lifetime Pell Grant eligibility remaining.
  • Pell Grant amount depends on enrollment level

Important Facts to Note

  • Pell Grant alone may not be enough to cover the full cost of attending classes in the summer.
  • The maximum timeframe that students may receive Federal Pell Grant is the equivalent of twelve full-time semesters. One full-time semester of Pell equals 50%.
  • You can check for your remaining eligibility level online by logging on to studentaid.gov using your FSA ID. View your Lifetime Eligibility Units (LEU) on the Financial Aid Review page.
  • It is possible that you could owe money back for all or part of your Federal Pell Grant if you do not complete your classes.