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AFCOT Assessment Standard 4

Standard # 4 Measurement and Analysis of Student Learning and Performance

a. Program Outcomes (List outcomes, by accredited program - Program outcomes should be used as part of a student learning assessment plan
and be measurable)


Standard 4 – Student Learning Results
Analysis of Results
Performance Measure
(Competency) Description of Measurement
Instrument Area of Success
(results) Analysis and Action Taken
(improvement) Results of Action Taken
(occurs in the following year) Attach Graph of Trends
for 3-5 Years
Students will score a minimum of 70% or higher on a comprehensive exam administered in ACC 203.

The first assessment exam will be administered in ACC 203. UNLV tests students who transfer after completing ACC 201 and 202 at CSN or any other institution. Students must pass their test to be admitted to the Bachelor’s Degree program in Accounting. The test was administered for the first time on January 25, 2012. 22 students took the test. The class average was 60.3% We plan to change our emphasis in ACC 201. More time will be spent on basic accounting fundamentals such as debit/credit, journalizing, posting, trial balance and statement. Students seem to have forgotten the basics. Syllabus for ACC 201 will be revised. Test administered first week of class in ACC 203.
Students will score a minimum of 70% or higher on a comprehensive exit exam. The first comprehensive exit exam was administered in ACC 204, the capstone course. The exam was developed by department faculty. This comprehensive exam was distributed to online students. The exam was graded on a pass/fail basis. Eleven (11) students passed and fourteen (14) did not. The results are disappointing. We plan to prepare a template for the exam. The faculty felt part of the problem was the way the test was presented. The students had trouble figuring out what was wanted as it was not in a classroom with an instructor. Next year’s exam needs to include clearer instructions.