Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs at the College of Southern Nevada.

Academic Affairs' goals for 2018-2019 are:

  1. Implement the College-wide Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Plan via the new Institutional Effectiveness Council
  2. Deliver a Class Schedule that Promotes Program Completability as well as Access - Campus/Site Equity ad School Collaboration
  3. Formalize and Implement an Academic Master Planning Process
  4. Implement State/NSHE-driven Initiatives
  5. Establish Pedagogically-Driven Course Caps
  6. Develop an Academic Affairs Data Dashboard
  7. Develop a Published Faculty Credentialing Matrix that meets Accreditation Requirements
  8. Establish Protocols to Ensure CSN is Meeting Federal Requirements
    • Certification of Student Attendance
    • Adherence to Gainful Employment Reporting Requirements for Certificates of Achievement

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Dr. Clarissa Cota

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Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs
Clarissa M. Cota, J.D.

Interim Vice President of Transition Activities
Dr. Margo L. Martin

Clarissa Cota provides leadership and guidance over the entire Academic Affair aspect of the college, which includes the Office of Institutional Research, the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Division of Workforce & Economic Development, the Office of Academic Success and the six schools (Advanced & Applied Technologies; Arts & LettersBusiness, Hospitality & Public Services; Education, Behavioral & Social SciencesHealth Sciences; and, Science & Mathematics).

The VPAA is the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, as well as oversees the encompassment of the overall institutional Strategic Planning process.

Assistants: Kristen Dwyer and Vicky Rocha
Location: Charleston campus, Building E, Suite 310

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Mr. James McCoy

James McCoy oversees Academic Partnerships, Curriculum & Scheduling, the Office of E-Learning, the Office of Assessment, and Library Services

Assistant: Debra (DJ) Johnson
Location: Charleston campus, Building E, Suite 310

School of Advanced and Applied Technologies
Dean Michael Spangler

Includes the Departments of Applied Technologies, Computing & Information Technology and Media Technologies

Assistant: Genesee Lopez
Location: North Las Vegas campus, Building A, Suite 2736
School of Arts and Letters
Interim Dean Lester Tanaka

Includes the Departments of Communication, English, Fine Arts and World Languages

Assistant: Carl-Jon Chun
Location: Charleston campus, Building E, Suite 254

School of Education, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dean Charles Okeke

Includes the Departments of Education, Human Behavior and Social Sciences

Assistant: Christine Meszaros
Location: Charleston campus, Building H, Suite 101
School of Science & Mathematics
Interim Dean Pete Lanagan

Includes the Departments of Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Assistant: Marilyn Parker
Location: Charlesto campus, Building H, Suite 301

Division of Workforce & Economic Development
Executive Director Ricardo Villalobos

Provides various Programs for workforce and employers, and oversees Apprenticeship Studies

Coordinator: Nicholas Sheppard-Miller
Office of Institutional Research
Executive Director John Bearce

Provides the data, analysis and strategic guidance to the college

Assistant: Eileen Kaplan
Location: Charleston campus, Building E, Suite 310
Office of Sponsored Projects
Pre-Award Grant Manager Freley Hosannah

Provides support by securing external funds from public and private agencies

Location: Charleston campus, Building E, Suite 120


Contact Information:
Vice President of Academic Affairs
College of Southern Nevada
6375 W. Charleston Blvd, WCE310
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
Office Phone: 702-651-5602
Fax: 702-651-5905
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