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FAFSA Workshop

Items To Bring
(for student and parent)
  • Social Security Card
  • Date of Birth
  • W-2 Forms from all jobs 2021
  • Tax Forms 1099-Misc/1099-SSA
  • 2021 Federal Tax Returns
  • Child Support Documents (paid or received)
  • 2021 Food Stamp Award Letter
  • Untaxed Pensions/Retirement Plans
  • FSA ID's if you already have one

Upcoming Workshops - RSVP Required

10/5/2022West CharlestonC 1343:00pm to 5:30pmCompleted
11/12/2022West CharlestonI 2209:00am to 11:00amCompleted
11/16/2022West CharlestonC 1343:00pm to 5:30pmCompleted
10/12/2022North Las VegasC 16813:00pm to 5:30pmCompleted
11/10/2022North Las VegasS 1325:00pm to 7:00pmCompleted
11/30/2022North Las VegasC 16813:00pm to 5:30pmReserve your spot
10/19/2022HendersonC 1173:00pm to 5:30pmCompleted
12/7/2022HendersonC 1173:00pm to 5:30pmReserve your spot