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Bomb Threats


  1. If a threat is received by telephone, attempt to complete the bomb threat checklist on the Emergency Action Plan (multicolored posters through out campus buildings).
  2. Pay close attention to exact wording, speech characteristics, and background noises.
  3. If a written threat is received, copy the contents and protect the original message (plastic or covering) to preserve identifying marks or fingerprints.
  4. If validated threat, call or message is received or a suspect item is found (do not touch or move), contact the CSN Police (651-7911).
  5. Activate the Site Emergency Operations center which will contact the fire department and CSN police and take control of all activities until arrival of fire/police units.
  6. The incident commander, in concert with the site administrator will decide whether to conduct a search, using CSN police, staff and other support units as required and whether to evacuate during the search.
  7. If evacuation is necessary, the appropriate signal or alarm should be activated and everyone will be moved to the nearest safe location away from the hazardous event.


  1. Facilities will be inspected by fire/police and college facilities management personnel before re-occupancy.
  2. Alternate facility location will be coordinated by the college administration.
  3. Dismiss or return students and staff to class as directed by the college administration. If dismissal is necessary, coordinate with college administration and human resources.
  4. Preserve bomb threat checklist.