The Controller’s Office provides effective financial guidance, reports, and internal control while ensuring efficient accounting for the college community. We are committed to providing excellent customer services. Please feel free to contact us directly or email Contact Us.
Melody Deng-Lee
702.651.4873; Sort Code NLV F-110
Joy Zeigler
Interim Director
702.651.2738; Sort Code NLV F-110
Stephanie Pelton

702.651.4017; Sort Code NLV F-110

Mary Jane Raquel
Accounting Assistant II
702.651.4601; Sort Code NLV F-110
Jill Miller
Accountant Technician I
702.651.4553; Sort Code NLV F-110
Natalie McMahon
Accountant Technician I

702.651.4352; Sort Code NLV F-110

Mailing Address:
Sort Code NLV F-110
3200 E. Cheyenne Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

702-651-4348 (FAX)