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Criminal Justice Careers

Airport Security Officer; Attorney; Bailiff; Child Abuse Investigator; Child Support Agency Worker; Corrections Officer; Court Administrator; Court Clerk; Court Reporter; Criminologist; Deputy Coroner; Deputy Sheriff; District Attorney; Fish and Game Warden; Juvenile Court Counselor; Park Ranger; Penologist; Police Officer (includes specialized or general detectives, specialized units such as traffic, K9, gangs, and SWAT); Private Investigator; Probation Officer; Private Security Investigator; Private Security Officer; Public Defender; Public Defender Investigator; Public Safety Officer; Social Worker; Substance Abuse Counselor; Teacher; Victim Witness Assistance Advocate

All of the above positions would require the following skills as a minimum:  oral and written skills; ability to work with diverse populations; quantitative skills; ethics and moral values; interviewing skills; a general understanding of the criminal justice system; computer literacy; and the ability to identify problems and develop solutions.

NOTE: Some positions may require a bachelor’s degree or more education and/or additional work experience.  For more information contact CSN Career Services or visit the hiring agency website for position requirements.