Chan, Michelle Profile Picture
Michelle Chan
Multimedia Production Manager
Dept Of Business Administration

Dr. Chan joined the Office of eLearning as a Senior Analyst moving from the Office of Technology Services (OTS) starting July 2014 and has kept us in smiles ever since with her witty sense of humor. She brought to us a diverse background from video production, web programming, libraries, and instructional design.

Having earned her Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from SUNY at Buffalo, she then continued her passion for learning and recently earned her Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of New England in May 2016.  Her research and dissertation concentrated on determining whether MOOCs fit into the community college mission and visions.

Dr. Chan also held various leadership and instructional designer positions with many higher education institutions such as Susquehanna University, SUNY at Buffalo, Seattle University, University of New England, and Hiram College.  In addition, Dr. Chan briefly served as the Program Assistant with the New Americans Program at Queens Library, and just completed her technical consulting experience with Ellucian.

Another contribution Dr. Chan brings to our office and those around her is her big heart and willingness to assist. She has a passion for developing people and with her high expectations helps them to perform to their best. Outside of work she enjoys spending time exploring new places with her friends and taking her pets on outings.