Experience the desert sky...inside and out!
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Note: The Planetarium is closed until further notice. Planetarium staff will contact patrons and/or groups with a reservation during this time offering a refund or other arrangements. If you are looking for space-related content to help with at-home instruction, click HERE (.pdf) for the Planetarium's favorite links and educational websites.

Welcome to Southern Nevada’s only public planetarium, where the stars are literally the stars of the show. Our 66-seat theater features an Evans & Sutherland Digistar 5 high definition hemispheric video projection system. By creating virtual realities on our impressive 30-foot dome, we surround visitors with simulated educational and entertaining content in an environment that is unparalleled in Southern Nevada.

We serve a hybrid role within the College of Southern Nevada and to the community at large. In our capacities, we fulfill three primary objectives:


K-12 Education

We offer multidisciplinary field trips and private shows for a variety of groups across Southern Nevada.

Student Success

We provide CSN students, on a variety of career paths, a unique way to engage with their coursework.

Public Outreach

We invite the community to visit us during our weekend shows and special events as the only public planetarium in Southern Nevada.