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Guest and Non-Credit Students

We're glad you've chosen to apply to the College of Southern Nevada.

Before you apply, we want to remind you that this non-degree-seeking status is designed for students who wish to take courses but do not plan to pursue a degree.

Please note that:

  • Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible to receive financial aid. To be considered for financial aid, you must complete the degree-seeking application.
  • Non-degree-seeking students may change their status to degree-seeking at any time after admission through their MyCSN student account.

Before you decide to continue as a non-degree seeking student, we encourage you to learn about our Areas of Study. Choosing an Area of Study can help ensure you are taking the classes that count toward a degree or certificate, should you choose to become degree-seeking. First, watch the video below.  Then look through the 11 Areas and see if there is one that matches up to your career interests.

If you decide to declare an area of study and become degree-seeking, make sure to submit that application.

If you wish to continue as a non-degree-seeking student, view our important dates and deadlines page and look through the enrollment steps below.

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Areas of Study

Learn more about what CSN can offer you by watching our Areas of Study video!

Non-Credit Students

Thanks for your interest in CSN's non-credit courses.
Our Division of Workforce and Economic Development provides customized training and non-credit personal enrichment courses in a variety of subjects.

NOTE: Non-credit classes are not eligible for financial aid and do not apply toward an accredited degree or certificate.

For a list of programs and contact information, visit the division's webpage.