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What is CSN’s Weekend College?
Our Weekend College offers you the opportunity to enter the workforce, change careers, or pick up a specialty in your field by taking classes on weekends, and earning a skill or industry certificate in as little as one weekend, within a semester, and no longer than a calendar year.  Determined to accommodate the needs of our busy students, CSN’s weekend classes offer the same high-quality instruction and resources as classes taught during the week.

Who is a Weekend College Student?
An individual taking class ONLY on weekends who wants to earn an industry or skill certificate in as little as one semester and no longer than a calendar year. The certificate is intended to help the student enter the workforce, change careers, or pick up a specialty.

The Weekend College Advantage

  • Balance studies with work and life responsibilities.
  • Shorter time commitment.
  • Come to campus on weekends only with classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Benefit from academic support and a mapped course schedule that is easy to follow.
  • Convenient one-stop with all classes for the same program taught at the same location.
  • Ease of access with less traffic.

Current Students- Students enrolled at CSN may enroll in Weekend College classes. To enroll in weekend college classes as a returning student (i.e., you have taken a class at CSN within the past four semesters) please log into your student account.

Explore Specific Program Pathways
Through CSN's Weekend College, a student may complete one of three types of programs:

  1. SKILLS CERTIFICATE for college credit program earns the individual a stackable credential towards a certificate of achievement and/or associate degree.  Both the certificate of achievement and associate degree are eligible for financial aid, unlike a skills certificate.  A student may declare the higher level-degree certificate of achievement or associate while working toward the completion of the skills certificate.
  2. CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT for college credit program designed for students who are looking for instruction with a high degree of specialization.  Certificate of Achievement programs vary in length, usually 30 credits, that offer courses needed to prepare students for immediate employment.
  3. A non-credit INDUSTRY CERTIFICATE that leads to industry-recognized credentials.  The student earns continuing education credentialing.

Want to apply and learn more about financial aid?
To apply to a Weekend College program, click on the links below.  To learn more about available tuition assistance opportunities, including scholarships and federal financial aid, please click on the FINANCIAL AID accordion section below.

Apply HERE if you are pursuing a Weekend College Skills Certificate (SC) or Certificate of Achievement (CA)

Register HERE if you are pursuing a Weekend College non-credit industry certification

Explore Specific Program Pathways

Learn More and Get Started


The Weekend College faculty and staff are a team of educators fully committed to your success. Take advantage of advising, tutoring, library services and other Essential Student Services.


CSN is one of the most affordable colleges in the region.  For students taking college credit Skills Certificates or a Certificate of Achievement the cost for tuition is approximately the following.  If you are new to Nevada or would like to learn more about CSN's in-state residency requirements, visit our residency page.

Summer 2022 Semester

Enrollment Fees

Registration Fee 
Lower Division (000-200 level courses)$115.75 per credit
Upper Division (300-400 level courses)$188.00 per credit
Technology Fee$8.50 per credit
Student Union Fee$4.00 per credit
Athletics and Recreation Fee$2.00 per credit
E Learning Fee (Online Course Fee)$10.00 per online course

Application Fee
(One-time, non-refundable fee charged to new students or returning students who last attended prior to 2005)


New Student Fee
(One-time, non-refundable fee charged to new students)

Special Course FeesPlease see course description for any applicable course fees.

Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Semesters

Enrollment Fees

Registration Fee 
Lower Division (000-200 level courses)$112.75 per credit
Upper Division (300-400 level courses)$185.00 per credit
Technology Fee$8.50 per credit
Student Union Fee$8.00 per credit
Student Union O&M Fee$1.00 per credit
Athletics and Recreation Fee$2.00 per credit
E Learning Fee (Online Course Fee)$10.00 per online course

Application Fee
(One-time, non-refundable fee charged to new students or returning students who last attended prior to 2005)


New Student Fee
(One-time, non-refundable fee charged to new students)


Non-Resident Fees


(For non-resident students enrolled in 7 or more credits, in addition to registration fees, technology fees and other applicable fees)

$3,950.50 per semester

(For non-resident students enrolled in less than 7 credits, in addition to registration fees, technology fees and other applicable fees)

Lower Division (000-200 level courses)$124.00 per credit
Upper Division (300-400 level courses)$203.50 per credit

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)
(In addition to registration fees, technology fees, and other applicable fees, PETITIONFORWUE.pdf)


Lower Division (000-200 level courses)

$56.38 per credit
Upper Division (300-400 level courses)$92.50 per credit

Non-Resident Online Fee
(Only available for non-resident students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses and reside outside of Nevada, in addition to resident tuition, technology fee, and other applicable fees. In order to receive this reduced non-resident fee please contact the cashier's office to apply)

Lower Division (000-200 level courses)$56.50 per credit
Upper Division (300-400 level courses)$92.50 per credit

Students pursing a Skills Certificate or Certificate of Achievement can sign up for a Payment Plan.

Payment Plan Instructions:

  • Available if you are enrolled in at least 6 credits.
  • Pay a $10.00 non-refundable fee charged upon enrollment into the payment plan.
  • Sign up for the Payment Plan by logging into your MyCSN student center.
  • Locate the drop down menu in the Finance Section labeled “Other Financial”.
  • Select the “Enroll in Payment Plan”.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions, check the box and complete the process.

Students pursuing non-credit industry certificates may be eligible for tuition assistance from Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds.

Financial Aid

Please visit the CSN Financial Aid website for information on completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for federal pell grants or state funding.  Several industry certificates eligible for tuition assistance from Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) contingent upon fund availability administered by local One-Stop Career Centers.  For more information consult with Workforce Development.

Accelerate Your Studies

You may finish faster by taking the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). If you receive qualifying scores on the CLEP test, you may earn credit in the areas of English, mathematics, among others.

Military and Veterans

VA Benefits are available for The Weekend College.

CSN Academic Calendars

Spring 2022

  • 100% refund if withdrawal is completed prior to the first day of the session
  • For further information regarding tuition refunds, please refer to the 2020-2021 General Catalog & Student Handbook

October 11th

First Day to Apply for Spring 2022 Graduation

October 18th

First Day to Submit Academic Suspension Appeal for Spring 2022

November 1st

First Day to Apply for In-State Residency for Spring 2022

First Day for Priority Online Registration for Currently Enrolled Students Only for Spring 2022

November 21st

Last Day for Priority Online Registration for Currently Enrolled Students Only for Spring 2022

November 22nd

First Day for Open Online Registration for All Admitted Students for Spring 2022

December 3rd

Last Day to Submit Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal for Spring 2022

December 24th

College Closed, Christmas Day Holiday (Observed)

December 31st

College Closed, New Year's Day (Observed)

Last Day to Apply for In State Residency for Spring 2022

January 4th

Payment Due by 11:59 P.M. for Early Registration for Spring 2022

January 7th

Last Day to Submit Appeal for Academic Suspension for Spring 2022

January 11th

Financial Aid Disbursement Begins

January 14th

Last Day to Update Major for Spring 2022

January 17th

College Closed, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Last Day to Register by 11:59 P.M. for First Eight-Week and First Four-Week Sessions Last Day for 100% Refund for First Eight-Week and First Four-Week Sessions

January 18th

First Day of Instruction for 16-Week, First Eight-Week, and First Four-Week Sessions

January 20th

Last Day for 50% Refund for First Eight-Week and First Four-Week Sessions

Last Day to Drop a class WITHOUT a grade of W for First Eight-Week and First Four-Week Sessions

January 24th

Last Day to Register by 11:59 P.M. for 16-Week Session Last Day for 100% Refund for 16-Week Session

Financial Aid Census Date - Pell Grant financial aid awards will be processed based on enrollment census date. If students add credit hour enrollment after this date, their financial aid eligibility will remain the same and should be prepared to pay for additional charges out of pocket. Therefore, if students plan to take classes during the short- term sessions for the spring semester, they must register by January 24 at 9 p.m. PST in order to receive financial aid

for the added classes.

January 31st

Last Day for 50% Refund for 16-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITHOUT a grade of W for 16-Week Session

February 3rd

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for First Four-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for First Four-Week Session

February 13th

Last Day of Instruction for First Four-Week Session

Last Day to Register by 11:59 P.M. for Second Four-Week Session Last Day for 100% Refund for Second Four-Week Session

February 14th

First Day of Instruction for Second Four-Week Session

February 16th

Grades are Due from Instructors for First Four-Week Session Last Day for 50% Refund for Second Four-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITHOUT a grade of W for Second Four-Week Session

February 19th

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for First Eight-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for First Eight-Week Session

February 21st

College Closed, President's Day

March 3rd

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for Second Four-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for Second Four-Week Session

March 4th

Last Day to Apply for Spring 2022 Graduation

Last Day to Submit via MyCSN Non-Disclosure Directory Information

March 13th

Last Day to Register by 11:59 P.M. for Second Eight-Week and Third Four-Week Sessions Last Day of Instruction for First Eight-Week and Second Four-Week Sessions

Last Day for 100% Refund for Second Eight-Week and Third Four-Week Sessions

March 14th

First Day of Instruction for Second Eight-Week and Third Four-Week Sessions

March 16th

Last Day for 50% Refund for Second Eight-Week and Third Four-Week Sessions

Last Day to Drop a class WITHOUT a grade of W for Second Eight-Week and Third Four-Week Sessions Grades are Due from Instructors for First Eight-Week and Second Four-Week Sessions

March 25th

60% Point for Return to Title IV (R2T4) for 16-Week Session Only Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for 16-Week Session

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for 16-Week Session

April 7th

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for Third Four-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for Third Four-Week Session

April 11 - April 17

Spring Break

April 29th

Last Day to Submit Spring Only Loan Request to Financial Aid

April 17th

Last Day to Register by 11:59 P.M. for Fourth Four-Week Session

Last Day for 100% Refund for Fourth Four-Week Session

April 10th

Last Day of Instruction for Third Four-Week Session

April 18th

First Day of Instruction Fourth Four-Week Session

April 20th

Last Day for 50% Refund for Fourth Four-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITHOUT a grade of W for Fourth Four-Week Session

April 13th

Grades are Due from Instructors for Third Four-Week Session

April 23rd

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for Second Eight-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for Second Eight-Week Session

May 5th

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit for Fourth Four-Week Session

Last Day to Drop a class WITH a grade of W for Fourth Four-Week Session

May 15th

Last Day of Instruction for 16-Week, Second Eight-Week, and Fourth Four-Week Sessions

May 16th


May 18th

Grades are Due from Instructors for 16-Week, Second Eight-Week, and Fourth Four-Week

May 30th

College Closed, Memorial Day

Make CSN Part of Your Story

We have a team of dedicated professionals to guide you if you need additional assitance. If you have general questions about CSN’s Weekend College programs please call 702-651-7416 or Email Student Recruitment.