First-Time/Full-Time Students Laptops

In CSN’s continual efforts to help our students succeed, a set of notebook computers for First-Time/Full-Time Students were procured. These are intended to help those students without the proper technology to be able to graduate, complete, transfer, and prosper. Those students who qualify for this unique program are being contacted directly with the information that they need to get these new devices to help them succeed in the coming semester and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Qualifies?  Any CSN student who is seeking a degree or certificate and entered college for the first time in the Fall of 2020, who was also enrolled full-time.  This means these students did not attend any college before Fall of 2020. This means that the student is credential seeking. This means that the student was enrolled in 12 or more credits during the Fall 2020 semester and is still enrolled in 12 or more credits during the Spring 2021 semester. All students must pick up devices in person. You cannot send a representative to pick up the device for you.

Why Are These Going Out Now? Due to shipping delays created by COVID-19, we did not receive the computers until very near the end of the Fall 2020 term and the distribution would not have been possible before the end of the semester, therefore we waited until the Spring.

Is the Computer a Loaner? The computer is checked out to each student as a loaner for the duration of their academic career at CSN. Students must remain in good academic standing and continue to take classes full-time. If the student is unable to continue at CSN in full-time status and with Satisfactory Academic Progress, then they will need to return the computer.

What Happens When the Student Graduates? If the student successfully completes their course of study and successfully completes their program and graduates, then the computer is theirs to keep and assist them in their next adventure.

How Are the Students Getting the Computers? Computers will be dispersed starting after late registration for the full Spring 2021 term at all three of our major campuses (Charleston, North Las Vegas, and Henderson). In order to best ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, current CSN students who attended college for the first time in the fall 2020 semester have been notified that they are eligible. Those who graduate from a degree program within two years at CSN will be able to keep the laptops permanently, free of charge. 

Wednesday, January 27 - 1p to 5p (NLV Student Union)

Thursday, January 28 - 8a to 12p (NLV Student Union)

Monday, February 1 - 1p to 5p (WC Student Union)

Tuesday, February 2 - 8a to 12p (WC Student Union)

Wednesday, February 3 - 1p to 5p (HN C114)

Thursday, February 4 - 8a to 12p (HN C114)

How Does the Student Identify Themselves When Receiving Their Notebook? Students will be required to log into a check out computer with their regular CSN Student Account (the one used for MyCSN, Canvas, GoCSN, etc.) and bring with them a photo identification. You should also read the below Terms and Conditions so you are aware of  your responsibility for the device. Per Governor Sisolak's Directive 024face coverings are mandatory in all public spaces.

What’s the fine print? You will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions below when you decide to get your laptop.

CSN Individual Laptop Loan Agreement

Terms and Conditions

  • I will not lend the laptop to anyone. It will stay in my possession at all times.
  • I will treat the laptop with care. I will not drop it, get it wet, leave it outdoors or unattended, or use it with food or drink nearby.
  • One laptop and charger are being lent to this borrower and are in good working order. It is the borrower’s responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure that it is retained in a safe environment.
  • Borrowers will be responsible for purchasing any accessory computer equipment (i.e. mouse, headphones, web camera, flash drives, etc.).
  • The equipment is, and all times remains, the property of the College of Southern Nevada, until such time as the borrower completes their credential, and is lent to the borrower for educational purposes only. Borrower may not deface or destroy this property in any way. The equipment will be returned to the school if the student drops below full-time status, satisfactory academic progress, or ceases to attend CSN before completing their degree or credential.
  • If the borrower completes their degree or credential within 3 years while also maintaining full-time status and satisfactory academic progress, then the borrow will be eligible to keep the laptop as their own property, and it will no longer belong to the College of Southern Nevada.
  • If at any time while in possession of the laptop, a student drops below 12 credits or falls below Standards of Academic Progress, the Borrower will have two (2) semesters to return to full-time status and SAP standards. Students who drop below 12 credits or who are not meeting SAP be referred to [e.g.: an academic counselor] for student success measures and support referrals.
  • If the laptop equipment is lost, stolen or damaged while in the Borrower’s possession, Borrower will not be issued a replacement device, and may be charged a nominal fee ($299.00) for the replacement or repair thereof and Borrower agrees to indemnify CSN against any claim occurring during or resulting from Borrower’s possession or use of CSN’s property, including, but not limited to any claim for infringement or violation of applicable trademarks and copyrights attributable to Borrower’s use of CSN’s Property.
  • In the event of a theft from my person property, reimbursement from the insurance company shall be forwarded to CSN.
  • Borrower may use laptop equipment only for non-commercial, educational purposes, in accordance with the CSN and NSHE policies and rules.
  • Borrower agrees to keeping MyCSN contact information up to date.
  • Users are required to adhere to CSN's Information Systems and Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy
  • Laptops are provided and maintained by the Office of Technology Services (OTS). Problems with the laptop while you have it? Call, email or stop by the OTS Support Desk.
  • Non-Return of the laptop upon losing eligibility will result in a Technology or Financial Hold [or Notation] to be placed on the student file, which may result in a hold on academic transcripts, registration or both; or may result in the student being charged a nominal loss fee ($299.00)

Return Procedures

  • Computer laptops being returned in person or shipped to the College must be in good working order, with all model and serial numbers matching with those issued to the student, including the AC adapter included at issuance time.
  • If you cannot return the Laptop in person, then you may ship it back to CSN.  You should allow enough transit time for the Laptop to arrive at CSN before the last day of instruction for the semester that return is needed. Shipping costs for laptops returned after the last day of instruction, will be paid by you. If you are returning the Laptop through the mail, please email the CSN Office of Technology Services at Help.Desk to let us know you are returning your campus-issues Laptop via traditional mail and provide a tracking number in your email (if at all possible).  In the email, please include the sticker number from the front of your Laptop and your contact information in case the CSN Help Desk has any questions and can send you a return receipt.  Also, let us know if you are returning the AC Adapter as well.  You will be charged $25 if the official CSN AC Adapter is not returned with your campus-issued laptop.

Is There Internet Connectivity Included? These laptops are fitted with wireless 4G LTE cards that can be used to attach to services with your preferred cellular provider. This access is over multiple bandwidths (Band 66 and Band 71) which provides expanded access even into rural locations. Additionally, these devices have the ability to connect to any WiFi service or hotspot that the student has access to.

What Software Comes on the Devices? These devices are pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro, however, all students at CSN have access to 5 licenses of Office 365 for free while they are students at the college, and other student software discounts for products such as the Adobe Creative Cloud are available. Learn more at

What Kind of Device is This?
MAESTRO eBOOK 11.6 4G LTE Notebook
Intel Celeron N3350/1.1 GHz
Quectel EC25-AF 4G LTE - Bands 66 & 71
Windows 10 Pro
Intel HD Graphics 500
11.6" TN 1366 x 768 (HD)
64GB Hard Drive
Lithium-ion polymer battery 7.4v /7.6v
3 year warranty
FCC & PTCRB Certified