Students in our Philosophy Program gain the intellectual skills useful in all professional, personal, and academic contexts.

Why Study Philosophy at CSN?

Students are shown how to analyze issues in order to produce and assess arguments according to the standards of good reasoning. The serious attempt to answer philosophical questions develops critical thinking skills useful in both personal and professional life.

Our associate of arts degree graduates can move on seamlessly to many four-year institutions to continue their studies. Bachelor’s degree graduates can move on to professions such as publisher, high school teacher, labor relations advisor, public policy analyst, and many others.

Degree in Philosophy

Philosophy: AA

Encompassing ancient traditions of inquiry concerning the nature of reality and the good life as well as contemporary investigation of issues in a wide variety of disciplines, philosophy addresses fundamental questions of human experience. Philosophy students develop their analytical and communicative abilities, assess and construct arguments according to the standards of good reasoning, and explore the nature of reality and human experience.