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Environmental Management Program
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The philosophy of the Environmental Management program centers on the need for environmental professionals with a strong cross-disciplinary understanding of the societal, economic, and environmental challenges posed by the emerging sustainable environmental management agenda.

Why Study Environmental Management as CSN?

The program aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of practical and evaluative skills needed to uphold leadership for a low carbon, resource-efficient, and sustainable future.

This program explores the rationale behind the exploitation of natural environments. It will provide students with detailed knowledge, as well as an understanding of the important relationships between sustainable environmental management and integrated approaches to the wider environment.

With established and active links with industry partners, the program will ensure a relevant curriculum while producing graduates who are able to innovate and respond to new and emerging challenges within the discipline. Our program will provide students with a strong foundation for future careers in local government, NGOs, major international companies, independent consultants, and in education such as research and enterprise.

Key Features 

  • Practical fieldwork experience during the program;
  • Transferable skills in experimental design, data analysis, and environmental oversight;
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Environmental Science;
  • Courses taught in compliance with industry standards to provide a seamless transfer of skills upon graduation; and
  • Required fieldwork during the program designed to get students connected with Industry Leaders.

What will I study and how is this program structured?

You will study the theoretical, practical, and legal framework that supports environmental management, including drivers for sustainable behavior at the individual, institutional, and governmental scales. You will also acquire the skills needed to innovate and respond to new and emerging challenges while learning to work effectively in challenging and unfamiliar conditions.


Environmental Management: BAS

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management degree program provides students with a flexible, relevant, and current curriculum that includes opportunities for students to demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge in environmental theory, technology with experiential knowledge necessary to function as an environmental technician.

Environmental Management: AAS

This program is designed to meet the growing need for environmental and natural resource technicians within the natural resources management areas. The program offers four core areas of emphasis including biology, chemistry, geology, and environmental science.