Award Notification

Financial aid award notifications are sent to CSN students who have a completed financial aid file, are enrolled, and have maintained satisfactory academic progress. Financial aid awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

To receive a financial aid offer, you must:

1.    Have a high school diploma or GED;
2.    Have a declared major in an approved degree or certificate program;
3.    Be enrolled in classes required for your declared major; 
4.    Comply with the CSN Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy;
5.    Submit all required documents;
6.    Meet all other financial aid eligibility criteria.

Be advised that if you are selected for verification, please contact Inceptia.  All verification documents must be submitted and completed before any awards can be made available for use.

Federal, state, and institutional financial aid is calculated based on courses that meet your declared program and do not cover courses outside your degree requirements. Please visit our homepage and click on “Important FA Dates” for the year you are attending to see each semester/term date for disbursement as well as other important dates that affect your academic career.

Communication Center for Notifications and Announcements

The Financial Aid Office’s primary method of communication is through the MyCSN Communication Center portal and email. The award letter can be viewed by logging into your MyCSN Student Center Portal.

After logging into MyCSN, please review the Finances section and click on “View Financial Aid”. Click on the column “Aid Year” to find your awards and scheduled disbursement dates for the semester/year. Students can also view their course eligibility and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status.

The Financial Aid Office begins disbursing financial aid approximately 7 days prior to the start of each semester. Financial aid payments will be applied to the accounts of eligible students. Any remaining balance is your responsibility to pay before the first day of the semester or your payment due date. Excess financial aid will be refunded to you within 14 days of the payment date unless you sign up for Direct Deposit on MyCSN. Paper check refunds are mailed to the permanent address you have on file with the Registrar's Office. Please remember to keep your mailing address current with the Registrar's Office.

Census Date

Certain grant and scholarship awards are subject to the census date. The census date is when your financial aid eligibility is reviewed to determine the final award amounts for the semester. If your enrollment level has changed, your aid may be reduced, and you may owe a balance to CSN.

Changes Made Before the Census Date:

  • Dropping classes after financial aid has disbursed but before the census date will likely result in your aid being revised to match your enrollment level as of the census date. This adjustment may reduce or cancel your aid, and a balance may be due to CSN.
  • Adding classes after your financial aid has disbursed but before the census date may result in additional aid that would be disbursed to you. Please note, if you have already received the maximum amount of the full-time award, adding courses will not increase your aid.

Changes Made After the Census Date:

  • Dropping classes after the census date will not typically impact the amount of financial aid you are eligible for in the current term. However, if you fully withdraw or fail to participate in an academically related activity for each class you enroll in, and are awarded financial aid you may be required to pay back the aid you received. If you do not pass a class and the college has no record that you participated in the class, your financial aid will be revised, and a balance may be due to CSN. Lastly, dropping classes or failing to participate will also affect your satisfactory academic progress.
  • Adding classes after the census date will not increase your financial aid since the census date determines final eligibility for the semester. However, students can still request a Direct Student Loan after the census date as student loans are not subject to the census day.

See the 2021-2022 Important Dates to view CSN’s published Census Date.

Scholarship recipients must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as stated by the specific scholarship received.


  • Please read the Withdrawal from Classes policy for more information regarding how withdrawing from classes affects your eligibility for financial aid.
  • Please read the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information regarding completion of degrees or certificates, 90+ credit hours, repeating courses, loan only, and the appeals process.