Benefits & Retirement

Benefits and Retirement

Benefits Overview

The College provides a variety of Benefits including:

  • Health Insurance – Two Plans to Choose from: the Consumer Driven High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and The Health Plan of Nevada (HMO).
  • Pharmacy – Based on the health insurance plan chosen.
  • Dental Insurance – One dental plan for all health insurance participants
  • Vision Plan – Participation is based on the health insurance plan chosen.
  • Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System (NV PERS) – Mandatory Retirement Plan
  • Retirement Plan Alternative – Mandatory Retirement Plan
  • 403(b), 457 Plans – Supplemental Voluntary Retirement
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • FICA Alternative – Voya
  • Standard Life Insurance – Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance Policies
  • Western Insurance Specialties – Supplemental Life Insurance Policy
  • Ceridian LifeWorks -- Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition Assistance – Grant In Aid For Professional Employees and Training Application (Fee Waiver) for Classified Employees
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLaw (Hyatt Legal)
  • MetLife - Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity

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Benefit Forms


Benefit Summaries

Health Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, Basic Life Insurance, etc.)

Medical / Health Savings Account / ASI, Flex / Dental / Vision / Pharmacy / Basic Life Insurance

Medical, dental, and vision insurance is available for a nominal fee through the State of Nevada's Health Plan. The health plan is administered by the Public Employees Benefits Program (PEBP).
Employees may choose between 2 medical options:
  • Consumer Driven High Deductible PPO Plan ($1,500 individual or $3,000 family)
  • HMO Plan

The following people are eligible to Participate in the State's Health Plan:

  • Full time classified staff (full-time means 80 hours of work per month or more)
  • Professional full-time employees of the College of Southern Nevada under annual contract
  • Professional part-time employees of the College of Southern Nevada who work more than 50% FTE for less than 1 year (Letter of Appointment with Benefits)
  • Retired employees of the Nevada System of Higher Education who worked for more than 5 years and are currently receiving a monthly benefit from one of the following retirement plans:
    • Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
    • NSHE Retirement Plan Alternative (RPA)
Effective dates vary depending on the employee type:
Employee Type
Benefits Start
Benefits End
Classified Staff
1st day of the month concurrent with or following the effective date of the annual contract
Last day of the month in which your employment ends
Full time professional employees on annual contracts (includes postdoctoral fellow, academic and administrative faculty)
1st day of the month concurrent with or following the effective date of the annual contract
Last day of the month in which your employment ends
Part time employees on a letter of appointment with benefits (LOB) who are over 50% for 60 days
1st day of the month concurrent with or following the effective date of their contract.
Last day of the month in which your contract ends
Employees can make changes to their health plan during the Annual Open Enrollment Period which is normally held during May. 
Dependent coverage changes can be made within 30 days of a qualified family status change. Qualified changes include marriage, birth/adoption, change of spouse's employment status, and involuntary loss of insurance coverage. Proofs of the qualified change along with marriage/birth certificates are required.

A newly hire or rehired employee may decline (opt-out-of) coverage offered during their new hire enrollment period. Employees who decline coverage lose the following benefits: medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, life, and long-term disability coverage.


  Statewide PPO Plan Statewide HMO Plan
Rates Effective
July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
Consumer Driven PPO High Deductible Health Plan
Participant Premium
Health Plan of Nevada HMO
Participant Premium
Employee Only $41.91 $164.61
Employee + Spouse $171.50 $458.21
Employee + Child(ren) $92.72 $299.99
Employee + Family $222.08 $593.60
Domestic Partner coverage will continue to be available, but the domestic partner's premiums will not be subsidized.  Domestic Partner rates can be found at the PEBP Board Packet Appendix B page 3.
Vision coverage is included with medical in both the PPO and the HMO plan.



Step by step instructions for making changes to your HSA Deduction through the HealthSCOPE Benefits Website:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Member'
  3. Under 'Company Name' type PEBP then click on 'Enter'
  4. Click on HSA/HRA Account Status
  5. Enter your previously created username and password, or register as a new user
  6. Select 'View HSA/HRA Information' in top right hand corner under 'quick links'
  7. Select 'Change Election' in center of page
  8. Click box indicating that you meet the qualifications to open a Health Savings Account
  9. Click on 'Next'
  10. Enter your monthly deduction amount
  11. Click on 'Next'
  12. Review your entry
  13. Click on 'Submit'
  14. You will get a message that indicates that "you have successfully enrolled in the Health Savings Account"
  15. Print your confirmation

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Medical and Dependent Care (ASI, Flex)

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows you to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to help cover deductibles, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance plans. Monies contributed to an FSA are not taxed. ASI, Flex linked at: is the vendor for the FSA plan this year. ASI offers several enhancements to our FSA plan, including debit cards, faster claim processing, direct deposit, online forms, and online account access.

There are two FSAs you may participate in:

  • Medical Flexible Spending Account. You can participate in a Medical FSA by contributing up to $2,550 per fiscal year to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses, including certain over-the-counter medication. With the Medical FSA, you will have access to a debit card to pay for medical expenses, much like a credit card.
    • If you have a Health Savings Account, you will only be able to use your FSA funds for dental and vision expenses.
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. If you have children under the age of 12 or adult dependents, you can defer up to $5,000 per fiscal year to cover expenses such as childcare, preschool tuition, or elder care with a Dependent Care FSA.
When choosing a care provider, the provider must report day care income on his or her taxes to be considered eligible.

If you are a new employee, you will need to enroll in the plan within 30 days of hire.

Existing employees can elect to participate in the plan during open enrollment in May of each year. You will need to re-enroll each plan year.  Employees use Employee Self Service (ESS) to enroll each year.  Newly-hired employees complete a paper from available in the Division of Human Resources Office.



Dental benefits are the same regardless of whether the employee chooses the PPO or the HMO plan. The dental plan is administered by Benefit Planners.

Benefit Category
Plan year Maximum
$1,500 per person
$1,500 per person
Plan Year Deductible
(applies to basic and major services only)
$100 per person or $300 per family (3 or more)
$100 per person or
$300 per family (3 or more)
Preventive Services
Four cleanings/plan year, exams, bitewing
X-rays (2/plan year)
100% of allowable fee schedule, no deductible
80% of the in-network provider fee schedule for the Las Vegas service area.
For services outside of Nevada, the plan will reimburse at the U & C
Basic Services
Periodontal, fillings,
extractions, root canals, full-mouth X-rays
80% of allowable fee schedule; not subject to deductible or the annual $1,500 annual benefit maximum
50% of the in-network provider fee schedule for the Las Vegas service area.
For services outside of Nevada, the plan will reimburse at the U & C
Major Services
Bridges, crowns, dentures, tooth implants
50% of allowable fee schedule, after deductible
50% of the in-network provider fee schedule for the Las Vegas service area.
For services outside of Nevada, the plan will reimburse at the U & C
Family Deductible: Could be met by any combination of eligible dental expenses of three or more members of the same family coverage tier. No one single family member would be required to contribute more than the equivalent of the individual deductible toward the family deductible. Both in-network and out-of-network deductibles are combined to meet your deductible each plan year.
Under no circumstances will the combination of PPO and Non-PPO benefit payments exceed the plan year maximum benefit $1,500


Pharmacy Plan Comparison
Benefit Category
Health Plan of Nevada
Retail Pharmacy - 30 day supply
Preferred Generic (Tier 1)
20% after deductible
$7 copayment
Preferred Brand
(Tier 2)
20% after deductible
$35 copayment
(Tier 3)
100% of contracted price - does not apply to deductible or OOP
$55 copayment
Mail Order - 90 day supply
Preferred Generic (Tier 1)
20% after deductible
$17.50 copayment
Preferred Brand (Tier 2)
20% after deductible
$87.50 copayment
(Tier 3)
100% of contracted price - does not apply to deductible or OOP
$137.50 copayment
Specialty Drugs
20% after deductible, available in 30 day supply only through Accredo (Specialty Pharmacy)
Applicable 30 day retail. Copay will apply for Generic, Brand Name and Non-Formulary
Basic Life Insurance
Basic Life Insurance
$25,000 per eligible employee
$12.500 per eligible retiree
If you have any questions or comments about any of the information contained on this or other Human Resources pages please e-mail Contact Us.


Supplemental Options (Long Term Care, Short Term Disability, Met Law, etc.)


Retirement Planning(PERS, 401k, 403b, 457, Social Security, etc.)

Leaving Employment

Have you accepted a position with a different employer?  Or are you thinking of relocating to another state?  Are you transferring to a different area, NSHE Institution or State of Nevada Agency?  Are you retiring?  As you prepare for this change, there are steps that you will need to follow before you exit from CSN.

Transferring From CSN To Another NSHE Institution or Transferring From CSN To Another State of Nevada Agency

To ensure a smooth transition please complete the following steps:

  • As you negotiate the terms of your new employment with the institution you are transferring to, please include a discussion with your current and future supervisor asking if transfer of accumulated leave balances is allowed 
  • Please also follow the steps stated under, “Exiting NSHE/State Employment”

Exiting NSHE/State Employment 


Notify with Letter of Resignation

If you are a full-time classified or full-time professional employee (Administrative Faculty/Professional Staff, Academic Faculty) you will need to submit a letter of resignation to your supervisor.  In the letter, please reflect your name, your department and position and your last working date of employment.  

Professional employees should submit the letter of resignation to their supervisor(s) and up through their appointing authority at least 30 calendar days in advance of its effective date of separation.  The resignation must be accepted in writing by the appointing authority.  

Classified employees will in addition to a letter of resignation need to complete the “State of Nevada Resignation from State Service": (NPD-45) form
This form requires signature by the appointing authority.


Submit All Leave Requests and Obtain Leave Usage Approval

We recommend that you meet with your supervisor to ensure that all leave taken and any leave that you plan to take up through your separation date has been reflected and approved on a leave request form.  For classified employee, please also discuss your leave usage and approved leave plans with your leave keeper to make sure the leave has been posted.  

Access the iLeave system at:

Clearance Process

E-mail Contact Us to obtain an inventory of the keys and/or Marlock Card reflected by the Lock Shop as assigned to you.  You will need to arrange an appointment to return all keys to the Lock Shop.  A Lock Shop representative will advise you.  You must take the key inventory with you when you return your keys.

If you have agreements for a computer laptop, you must contact Receiving and Fixed Asset Control at 651-2612 or Contact Us.  
If you have a cellular telephone agreement, please contact Auxiliary Services at 651-4817 or Contact Us


Change of Contact Information

If you are moving, please notify Human Resources staff of your changes to your address, contact telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.  You may update the information through ESS or by completing the CSN Personal Data Form:
Please submit the form to Human Resources staff.


Health Insurance Continuation

If, for example, your last date of employment is the 12th of the month, your health insurance will end at the end of the month.  The Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBPs) will send exiting employees information about the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). 

COBRA is a federal regulation which permits you as an employee and your eligible covered dependents , to continue your medical (includes pharmacy) or full coverage (includes medical, dental, pharmacy and vision) benefits that were in effect on the day before you or your dependents’ coverage ended.  PEBPs will automatically send you the COBRA paperwork and information.

The COBRA rates are accessible through the following link:


Retirement Plan Information

Please discuss with the retirement vendor representative(s) your available options regarding withdrawing money, rolling over monies, etc.  Their contact information is:

NV PERS – 486-3900,
VALIC – 796-0047
FIDELITY – 800-343-0860
TIAA-CREF – (702) 990-3692, Contact Us


Consider Supplemental Payroll Deductions

Please consider any other supplemental insurance policies or products you have.  Please consider other automatic deductions and direct deposits you are enrolled in.


Unemployment Insurance Information

For unemployment information please see the link to Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR):

For information about unemployment eligibility please see:


Other Steps Employees Need To Complete Before Their Exit Date


  • Change your telephone voice-mail message and provide the name of the individual to contact
  • Create an out of office e-mail message and provide the name of the individual to contact
  • Review all projects and work with your supervisor
  • Return all College property and settle all College debts
  • Remove all personal items from your office/work area


Other Steps Supervisors Need to Complete Before Their Employee’s Exit Date


  • Notify HR by e-mail of the exit
  • Review all pending projects with your employee and re-assign as appropriate
  • Remove the employee’s name from signature authority (if applicable)
  • Contact the Help Desk (651-4357) to update telephone and e-mail assignment
  • Remove the employee’s name from department distribution lists
  • Remove the employee’s name from the department webpage
  • Cancel any training scheduled for the employee but not yet incurred
  • Cancel any travel scheduled for the employee but not yet incurred
  • Request employee’s password to his/her computer and telephone
  • Collect all College property

Retirement Planning - Five Steps to Retirement



Government regulations generally require that your health insurance plan coverage remains in effect throughout the plan year, but you may be able to make changes during the plan year if it is determined that you have a “qualifying event”/status change.  Such events include but are not limited to:  Marriage, birth of child, adoption, divorce, loss of spouse’s employment, etc.

When a qualifying status change occurs, you are responsible for notifying Human Resources to complete the necessary paperwork.  HMO and CD PPO HDHP Plan participants must log into the E-PEBP Portal or complete a paper Benefits Enrollment and Change Form and any required supporting documents within 60 days of the status change.  Please see more information at the Qualifying Events page.

When you have a qualifying status change it is also a very good time to review your beneficiary(ies) you have named to receive benefits in the event of your death.  Changes in your family situation do not automatically alter or revoke your previous designations.  Prior designations remain valid until you complete a new designation form.  A will does not supersede a beneficiary designation.  You may name or change beneficiaries at any time.  You may make these updates for your particular benefits/products online or by completing the appropriate forms depending on the company’s procedures.  

You will be asked to establish primary and secondary beneficiaries.  The primary beneficiary is the first to receive payment in the event of the member’s death.  The secondary beneficiary is the person or entity that inherits if the primary beneficiary dies before the grantor.  A secondary beneficiary is also considered a “contingent beneficiary.”

If you want to establish your beneficiary(ies) as your Trust or Will, please contact the vendors.

Changing/Establishing Your Basic Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, Short Term Disability:

Your basic life insurance policy (as part of your health insurance packet) is covered through “Standard Insurance Company.”  Please see the link to the form to change your beneficiary information for the basic life insurance policy, supplemental life insurance policy and/or short term disability policy at:

In case you ever need it, the following is the link to the certificate for your policy:

For employees with a supplemental life insurance policy under “Western Insurance Specialties” please see the link:


Changing/Establishing Your Beneficiary for CSN Salary and Leave Payment (If Applicable):

Designation of Beneficiary for Unpaid Compensation—For CSN Payroll--

Changing/Establishing Your Retirement Plan Beneficiary Information:

Often employees can set up online accounts which allow employees to make changes online.  To learn how to do that or to obtain the forms, please call:

(800) 343-0860
You may set up an online account


(800) 842-2252
You may set up an online account


(702) 796-0047
You may set up an online account


693 W. Nye Lane
Carson City, NV 89703 
Phone (775) 687-4200 
Fax (775) 687-5131

Employees enrolled in NV PERS retirement complete a form to update their beneficiary information.  That form once completed, signed and dated should be faxed directly to NV PERS at:  775-687-5131

A copy of the form should also be sent to the attention of Kathy Eghoian, Human Resources, Mailstop WCE411.  Fax: 702-651-5778

Beneficiary Change Form [pdf]

Changing/Establishing Your Beneficiary Information for a Health Savings Account (HSA):

If you have not already established a HealthScope online account, please complete the following steps: 

1.Click on member

2.Under Company name put in -PEBP

3.Under Member Self Service click- HSA/HRA account status 

4.Under member log in  click- (New member registration) 

NOTE- under new member - Member ID is your Social Security number  
If you have an online account established, please then proceed by clicking on “HSA/HRA Account Status.”  Please sign in with your established username and password for HealthScope.  At “Quick Links” on the upper right side of the screen, please click on “View HSA/HRA Information.”  Your HealthScope Account Screen will appear, please scroll down to the bottom of the screen and under “Profile” you will see the heading, “Beneficiaries” please click on that heading.  You will view and be able to update your information.

Changing/Establishing Your Beneficiary Information For Other Supplement Options:

If you need to update your beneficiary for your personal accident policy (“The Hartford” is the deduction reflected on your monthly payroll).  Please complete their Beneficiary Designation form: Beneficiary Designation Form [pdf]

For your “American Fidelity” cancer care policy and/or short term disability policy please see the beneficiary change link at:  From this link, customers would indicate “I Work in Education”.  Then all of our administrative change forms are listed.


Education Benefits (Grant-In-Aid, Fee Waiver, etc.)

Education Assistance: Grant-in-Aid

The following classes of employees are eligible for education assistance through the CSN Grant-in-Aid program: Full & Part-time Classified Staff Members, Academic Faculty, Professional Staff, and Temporary Letter of Appointments/Letter of Appointments with Benefits.  Education assistance varies by employee class.

Grant-in-Aid Application Due Dates

If you submit a Grant-in-Aid application for CSN after the due date, please pay for the tuition and fees in full to avoid late fees, and a refund check will be sent to you once the Grant-in-Aid application has been processed.

Grant-in-Aid applications for other NSHE institutions are due five business days before the tuition due date at that particular campus.

Waiting Period

Eligible employees can apply for Grant-in-Aid immediately.  There is no waiting period.

Tax Implications

Employee Grant-in-Aid for undergraduate courses is not considered taxable income.  Employee Grant-in-Aid in excess of $5,250 for graduate courses is considered taxable income.

Dependent and Spouse Grant-in-Aid for undergraduate courses is not considered taxable income.  Dependent and spouse Grant-in-Aid for graduate level courses is considered taxable income to the employee.

Taxes are reported twice a year.  For additional information please consult your tax advisor.

Forms and Additional Information by Employee Type:

If you have any questions or comments about any of the information contained on this or other Human Resources pages please Contact Us.


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