What can the Communication Centers do for you?

The Communication Centers (COM labs) are designed to provide students with assistance during any stage of the speech-making process. Our tutorial staff is knowledgeable and trained to help students become effective speakers.

The COM Labs will help you:

  • Select the perfect topic
  • Create an organized outline and speaker's notes
  • Gather supporting material
  • Create exciting introductions and effective conclusions
  • Create presentation aids
  • Improve your physical and vocal delivery

Practice your speech in our whisper room to improve delivery and gain confidence.

What's a Whisper Room and How Is It Used?

Okay, we will admit it looks pretty strange, kind of like a cross between a sauna and a torture chamber. But despite its looks, it's actually a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to practice their speech delivery. Click on the picture above for a brief description of its benefits. Next time you have a presentation, come in and try it out!

North Las Vegas COM lab now has a new location!

For the past few years, the COM lab's wish list included moving the North Las Vegas lab to somewhere more appropriate--the ambiance in the computer lab left a lot to be desired! The Centers for Academic Success has managed to make this wish come true; the North Las Vegas COM lab is now part of the Reading, Writing and Communication Center. Our new home is in the Morse Arberry Telecomm Building in room A1707. We are open for business there and ready to help you with all your speaking and presentation needs.