About CAS

Mission: Centers for Academic Success (CAS) provides quality academic assistance to foster student independent learning and overall academic success.

Vision: Centers for Academic Success is a student-focused resource for student learning and achievement:
  • Fostering students’ academic self-efficacy and personal accountability for their own learning
  • Providing resources and opportunities to students to improve their ability to learn and to achieve academic success
  • Helping students develop positive attitudes about learning and demonstrate higher-order cognitive thinking skills
  • Supporting the academic standards and requirements of the institution by working collaboratively with college faculty and staff to maximize student success, and address
  • learning needs, academic performance, and retention of students
  • Providing tutor training opportunities to promote quality services, collegiality, and professionalism to a diverse student population
Values : CSN’s Centers for Academic Success strives for quality student success services. As such, we value:
  • Students
  • CAS Staff
  • Faculty
  • Learning
  • Institution
Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Student Persistence & Academic Achievement
  • Cognitive Complexity
  • Knowledge Acquisition Integration & Application
  • Inter/Intrapersonal Competence

Academic Success Pie Chart: Personal validation, Self-Efficacy, Sense of Purpose, Active Involvement, Reflective Thinking, Social Integration, Self-Awareness

Seven Principles of Student Success
CAS Model for Strategic Planning & Initiatives