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Math Placement

If your degree requires MATH 104B or MATH 116, you do NOT need to take the placement assessment.

If you need to take MATH 120, MATH 124, or MATH 126, but do not place into the desired course, you can still register for MATH 120E, MATH 124E, or MATH 126E, which are the normal versions of those courses taken with a 2- or 3-credit Corequisite course.  See our infographic (PDF) for more details.

Or, you can self-remediate in the ALEKS PPL to raise your placement level.

IMPORTANT: This test will help decide the best placement for you. We want you to succeed in your next Math course. Data has shown students have the best chance of succeeding in their next course when they take this test with no other resources so as to make sure to get an accurate assessment of their knowledge. Please be aware that using outside resources could place you in a course for which you are not adequately prepared.