The School of Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences is comprised of three major departments: Education, Human Behavior, and Social Sciences and offers courses at all campuses and centers with multiple schedule options including online.

We offer courses in variety of disciplines as part of the social sciences and pre-professional education curriculum of the institution.  Students may take introductory courses in many of the disciplines listed below as they work towards the associate degrees, certificates or for transfer to another institution to pursue bachelor's degree.  The School also provides junior and senior level courses in education, philosophy, and economics in support of CSN's Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.

This School is multi-disciplinary dedicated to meeting local, state, and national needs, while maintaining a global focus. We take the view that many of the issues we face will find resolution not within the narrow confines of a particular discipline, but at the boundaries of the disciplines.

We have many highly qualified faculty with terminal degrees in their fields who routinely will reach across the disciplines to leverage knowledge and empower you for immediate and life-long learning.  Instilling the skill of compassionate-critical thinking in our students is one of our main goals.

You will come to interact with professors and instructors who will challenge, assist, engage, instruct and guide you as make the journey to self discovery, local, state, national and global awareness. We promise you a challenging and exciting curriculum that will change you and enable you to change your community and our world for the better. We invite you to take advantage of the great opportunities available in the School of Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences by exploring our varied departments and programs.  Take the first step and we shall meet you where you are and help you reach your goal. Accept the invitation, keep the appointment and together we will embark on the exciting journey to your success.


Charles C. Okeke, Ph.D
Dean, School of Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences