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General Education Assessment

CSN assesses student learning of the general education core at the required course-level and at the institution- level prior to completion/graduation of an associate degree or certificate of completion.  General Education course requirements and learning outcomes are outlined in the Faculty Senate policy on AA, AS, or AB transfer degrees and AAS degrees.  CSN also approves specific discipline courses as General Education Related Instruction Courses that provide general education content and assessments that align with the Faculty Senate general education policies.  All CSN general education core subjects align to our institutional learning outcomes as illustrated in our General Education Crosswalk.

Academic departments determine which general education courses are assessed and reported annually.   The Faculty Senate General Education Assessment Committee determines which institutional learning outcomes are assessed and reported annually.  Analysis and use of findings are reported within annual assessment reports organized within our assessment management system Watermark Taskstream.

General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment

I. English Composition

II. Mathematics

III. Values and Diversity

IV. Natural Science

V. Analytical Reasoning

VI. Social Science

VII. Communication

VIII. Humanities and Fine Arts

IX. Literature

X. Nevada and U.S. Constitutions

Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment


Civic Engagement

Critical Thinking

Integrated Life-long Learning