NV INBRE Pilot grant (UNR19-58 - 2019): $10,000. Fecal coliform and fungi/mold in soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt at popular eateries in the Las Vegas Nevada market.

Conference Presentation: Manacop, K, Y Yang, CJ Collumb, DB Sims, E Yoon, 2019. Fecal coliform and fungi/mold in soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt at popular eateries in the Las Vegas Nevada market. 2019 NIH IDeA Western Regional Conference, IDEA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence; October 7-9, 2019. [Poster]

NV INBRE Pilot grant (UNR18-58 [GM103440] - 2018): $10,000.  Toxic trace metals in gluten-free food products commonly consumed by individuals.

Published results: Collumb, CC , AA Delelegn, GM Fernandez, AC Hudson, KW Kimberley, DB Sims, DJ Walton, 2019.  Trace metals in gluten-free pastas and flours from markets located in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.  Journal of Food Research, 8(5): 59-70


NV INBRE Pilot grant (UNR17-58 - 2017): $14,000.  Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) and other illicit drugs in the waters of the Las Vegas Wash and its Biota.

Conference presentation: DB Sims, J Stordock, R Taggart, D Walton (2018).  The Presence of Illicit Drug Secondary Metabolites in the Waters of the Las Vegas Wash. Poster session at the 2018 Nevada Water Resources Association, Las Vegas, NV.  February 27 - March 1, 2018. [Poster]

NV INBRE Pilot Grant (UNR 19-57), $10,000. Life on the Edge: Characterization of microorganisms from cave systems in Mexico

Conference Presentation: Marina Vanderberg, Michelle Moriarty, Lee Vogel, Laura Rosales-Lagarde. “Cultivation-independent identification of a unique Sphingobacteria with unusual morphology from a cave in Quintana Roo, Mexico.” 2019 Arizona Nevada Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Yuma, AZ., April 5-7, 2019 [Poster]

Biomedical Exploration Workshop

This workshop is a Nevada INBRE-funded pipeline program designed to increase the number of low-income, first generation and/or underrepresented minority undergraduates interested in and successfully working toward biomedical careers in Nevada. The workshop is offered during the summer for 5 weeks, and students have the opportunity to explore careers in the biomedical sciences through guest speaker visits and field trips. Students are also exposed to new laboratory techniques, career professional development, and essential math and scientific literature reading skills for their career paths. Applications for the workshop are accepted each Spring semester. For more information, contact Dr. Sonja Burd at Contact Us.

Grant information:

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Project # 5P20GM103440-17


Mr. Joshua Monk.  NV INBRE UROP grant mentor (8 P20 GM103440- 2019), Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP): $6,000.  Mentoring 1 UNLV student in summer research of “Methods to identify emerging contaminants such as the metabolites of illicit drugs will increase knowledge concerning their presence in the wider environment.”  Mentoring faculty:  Dr. Douglas Sims and Dr. Amanda Hudson

Conference Presentation Monk, J, MC Garner, AC Hudson, K Lindley, DB Sims, 2019.  Method for Detecting Emerging Contaminants in the Environment.  UNR INBRE Summer 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium. August 7, 2019.  [Poster]

Ms. Adriana Baker. NV INBRE UROP grant mentor (NNX14Q94A - 2016), Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP): $6,000.  Mentoring 1 UNLV student in summer (2017) research of cyanide content of juice and smoothie drinks commonly sold at health food specialty eateries across Las Vegas, NV (n=1).  Mentoring faculty: Dr. Douglas Sims

Published results: Baker, A., M.C. Garner, K.W. Kimberley, D.B. Sims, J.H. Stordock, R.P. Taggart, D.J. Walton, 2018.  Cyanide toxicity of freshly prepared smoothies and juices frequently consumed in the raw and natural food craze.  European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety 8(4): 215-224.  (Picked up by KTNV 13 News and presented live)


Conference PresentationA Baker, DB Sims, J Stordock, R Taggart, 2016. Cyanide Content in Raw Seeds, Kernels and Juices Commonly Found in Health Food Stores. NV section, ACS – SNS conference, November 19, 2016. [Poster]  Awarded first place for students.