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See CSN Audio Recording Courses for full course descriptions and schedules!

The CSN Music Program offers 30-credit Certificate of Achievement in Music Business and Technology.

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Enrollment for the 2021 Fall Semester is going on NOW!
The first day of the Fall Semester is Monday, August 30, 2021.


All our technical Audio Recording Class Sections listed are scheduled to be held as "In Person" (on Campus with you there) for our 2021 Fall Semester. The Student Caps (number of student enrollment limit) for all of these Courses have been reset to the full numbers as they were at the start of the 2021 Spring Semester. Safety guidelines and protocols will be in place for on Campus activities.

PLEASE NOTE: The above information may be altered as we get closer to the Fall Semester beginning. This will updated as events develop, and all students will be sent pre-semester emails concerning On-Campus policies before the Fall Semester starts.

We will also have our Open Labs available on Campus for the 2021 Fall Semester for students to use on a regular and scheduled basis every week.

Please email John Jacobson with any questions on the above, or anything at all concerning our audio Recording Program.

NEW! The CSN Audio Recording Program joins the Avid Learning Partner Program on August 1, 2021! In addition to our Certificate of Achievement in Music Business and Technology, students who pass our MUS 239 and MUS 240 courses are eligible to take the Avid Pro Tools 101 and 110 Exams free of charge through our CSN Program! (Upon passing the Avid Pro Tools 110 Exam students receive their Avid User Certification).


The first comprehensive Audio Recording Courses to enroll in are:

MUS 231 “Recording Techniques I” AND MUS 239 “Virtual Studio Technology”.

MUS 239 is a required co-requisite for MUS 231.  

MUS 160 "Computer Music Technology I" is also one of our recording technology first-level Courses.

These first two courses (MUS 231 and MUS 239) complement each other. MUS 239 focuses entirely on Avid Pro Tools (using the Avid Pro Tools 101 book along with many other resources), which is the software program used in MUS 231. (MUS 231 covers mixboards, microphones, physics of sound and other topics as well). These courses are also required for CSN’s Certificate of Achievement in Music Business and Technology. MUS 160 “Computer Music Technology I” can also be taken, and is the prerequisite for three of the many Electives in our Certificate.

  • MUS 160 - "Computer Music Technology I" covers basic concepts of using software and computer-related hardware, and focuses on Ableton Live, Apple Logic, and a short overview of MakeMusic Finale.
  • MUS 231 - "Recording Techniques I" is an introduction to audio recording including theoretical concepts, terminology, microphones, consoles, and use of analog and digital equipment. Includes hands-on training and use of a separate "Drop-In" Lab.
  • MUS 239 - "Virtual Studio Technology" is our first-level course in Avid ProTools, and also covers computer system fundamentals. There is one computer-per-student, each with a MIDI keyboard. (Our Computer Music Classroom/Lab is shown at the top of this page).

Audio Recording Control Room and Trident Mixing Board

The CSN Recording Studio Facilities have two fully equipped Control Rooms, a Studio large enough to accommodate a 50-piece orchestra, and an Isolation Room that doubles as a self-contained recording space students can use. Classes held in this area utilize all these rooms, and have a lab-to-lecture ratio of at least 2-to-1 to ensure students receive hands-on training on industry-standard equipment the same or similar to those in commercial facilities. A separate three Computer Station Lab in the Recording Studio area is used during classes and also as a "Drop-In Lab".

Our "Room N119" Computer Music Classroom/Lab for 12 students is a dedicated space with one computer station per student. With new Macintosh computers, our many courses in this Lab instruct students on Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro X, and other software. Room N119 is also available for "Drop-In Lab" use.

In total, we have 19 Macs in the CSN Audio Recording Program. All software (including our HUGE number of plugins) in Room N119 are also installed on all the Macs in our Recording Studio area, so students can move their projects easily from one computer or area on Campus to another one.

Our faculty has many years of experience in the audio industry, covering all aspects of audio production and with many notable credits.

We offer Class Sections on different days and times, including evenings and weekends. For course information (including a list of days and times for all the recording classes at CSN for the 2021 Fall Semester) please see: CSN Audio Recording Courses.

Our 30-Credit Certificate of Achievement in Music Business and Technology has proven to be very popular both for students and for prospective employers. One-on-one Private Instruction is also available.

All recording classes and facilities are at the North Las Vegas ("Cheyenne") Campus of CSN. For Admissions and Registration, please use the links on the Admissions page or contact the Registrar’s Office at any CSN campus. (At the North Las Vegas Campus, the Registrar’s phone number is 702-651-4060).

For an overview and more details of what is available please click on the links directly below.