Comprehensive Reporting

CCSSE (2017)

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE - usually pronounced "sessy") is a voluntary survey in which nearly 300 community colleges across the nation participate.  CCSSE is designed to assess institutional practices and student behaviors that are highly correlated with student learning and retention.   The results are compiled into CCSSE’s five benchmarks, each of which reflects institutional practices and student behaviors that promote student engagement: Active and Collaborative Learning; Student Effort; Academic Challenge; Student-Faculty Interaction; and, Support for Learners.

Below are CCSSE findings and comparison reports.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the survey results.

IPEDS: The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System

IPEDS is a system of interrelated surveys conducted annually by the National Center for Education Statistics (within the US Department of Education).  IPEDS survey responses are required by any higher education institution participating in any federal financial assistance program (including CSN).  The Student Right to Know graduation rate is calculated through the IPEDS system.  For more information, see IPEDS. Below are Feedback Data Reports received from IPEDS 2015 through 2022.




CSN and Student Overviews

Student Profiles

Every fall semester, the Office of Institutional Research puts together a profile of CSN students.  This profile includes student headcount and FTE disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, age, credit load, and many other categories.  Below are the historic student profiles.

Student Profile 2021Student Profile 2020

Student Profile 2019

Student Profile 2018Student Profile 2017

Student Profile 2016


Every year, CSN produces a pamphlet to give an overview of institutional data that constituents might be curious about, including (but not limited to) information about top degrees awarded, tuition and fees, student headcount, employee information, ... and the list goes on.

Facts-in-Brief 2020 Facts-In-Brief 2018 Facts-in-Brief 2017 Facts-in-Brief 2016 Facts-in-Brief 2015

NSHE Institutional Research and NSHE Sponsored Metrics

NSHE: Nevada System of Higher Education

NSHE is the body responsible for overseeing all higher education institutions in Nevada.  NSHE is governed by a board of regents whose policies are implemented by the current chancellor.  The NSHE institutional research office provides the research and analytical studies used to support NSHE policies and decisions.


CSN Metrics Reports

2019  2020  2021

CCA: Complete College America

"Established in 2009, Complete College America is a national nonprofit with a single mission: to work with states to significantly increase the number of Americans with quality career certificates or college degrees and to close attainment gaps for traditionally underrepresented populations."  -Taken from CCA Website.