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Welcome Alumni and Future Alumni!

The College of Southern Nevada values the connection it creates with students. For this reason, we have created the College of Southern Nevada Alumni Network (CSNAN) which exists to strengthen that connection by encouraging our alumni to maintain their relationship with the student base and CSN.

If you have successfully completed 24 or more credits at the College of Southern Nevada, you are a part of the CSN alumni community.

Through CSNAN, alumni are provided various platforms that allow them opportunities to support and give back to CSN by offering their time, services and financial support. CSNAN, through providing meaningful services for alumni, will continuously encourage a lifelong relationship of reciprocity between CSN and alumni.

Engage with the CSN Alumni Network to stay connected to the CSN community and gain access to beneficial resources and programs.
Helping alumni succeed, the CSN Alumni Network provides opportunities and resources for continued success.

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Contact the Office of Alumni Relations for additional information at: alumni.relations@csn.edu or 702-651-5560, or visit the CSN Foundation's website for more details, forms, and ways to get involved.