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Global Engagement Committee

Logo for the Comprehensive Internationalization Committee

The Global Engagement Committee seeks to align and integrate policies, programs, and initiatives to position CSN’s students, staff and faculty as a globally-oriented and internationally-connected community.


Supports the furthering of the college's student learning outcome of global awareness. The committee aims to work toward achieving the following goals:

1. To promote global awareness through exploration of the cultural components and celebrations present in our community.

2. To enable the campus community to foster analysis and discussion of world languages, cultures, and societies.

3. To provide opportunities for interactions with students, staff, and faculty of all cultures.

4. To advance understanding of cultural diversity, knowledge of global issues, and the interconnectedness of cultures and nations.

5. To help faculty, staff and students exchange and actively participate in a global society by providing opportunities for cultural immersion experiences.

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Committee Chairs

Barbara Bird and  Valerie Hecht