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Co-Curricular Records

If you are involved in student life at the College of Southern Nevada, you want to make sure you document all of the great achievements that you have accomplished at the college.  Do you attend lots of meetings, participate in so many activities, and even attend special outside of the classroom training programs and workshops so that it’s hard to keep track of them? The CSN Student Activities Co-Curricular Record is your opportunity to create a professional and personalized official college record of all of your experiences CSN.

Co-Curricular Activities include:

Leadership Experience
Career Vision & Goals
Student Leadership Academy Certificate
Community Service
Personal & Professional Development
Civic Leadership

The CSN Student Activities Co-Curricular Record is an official CSN document that you can utilize to record your student involvement outside of the classroom. It lists such areas as your participation in student organizations, leadership accomplishments, community service activities; service-learning experiences; certifications; and awards you have received while at CSN. The CSN Student Activities Co-Curricular Record is can be used to supplement your official CSN Academic Transcript and your resume when applying for a job, when preparing to transfer to a university, or for scholarships.

It is best to start your CSN Student Activities Co-Curricular Record process during your first semester at CSN. Any items you wish to have placed on your co-curricular record should be submitted with proper signatures as may be required as soon after completion of the activity as possible. Although timely submissions are encouraged, submissions you make will not be denied as long as proper supporting documentation is received.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Department of Student Life and Leadership Development at 702-651-4051.