What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and, for CSN, is comprised of two enterprise systems- Hobsons Radius and Starfish Early Alert/Connect.

The Radius enterprise system will aid CSN faculty and staff in managing the Student Life Cycle-Engagement, Enrollment, Support and Retention- through student relationship management.

The Starfish Early Alert and Connect enterprise system, which CSN will call MyCoyotePLAN (Personal Learning and Advising Network), serves as the student success and advising system for CSN. MyCoyotePLAN will facilitate meaningful engagement between students and the campus community by providing students with access to a comprehensive support network to achieve their academic goals.

Customer Relationship Management Diagram



MyCoyotePLAN: E-Alerts

CRM Newsletter
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Radius Applications
    For students who want to complete a degree or certificate and may transfer to a four-year institution.

    For students who attended CSN more than two years ago and want to complete a degree or certificate.

    For students who have earned college credits from another institution and want to transfer to CSN and complete a degree or certificates

    For students who want to enroll and use Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Benefits.

    For students who want to enroll as an international student.

    For students who want to enroll in an apprenticeship program.

    For students who want to enroll in a CSN program to earn college credit while in high school.

    For students who want to take credit classes for personal interest or to transfer back to my home institution.

  • NOTE: The new website will also mention a category for Non-credit Seeking Students. That application will not be part of the Radius platform. They will continue to apply for those courses as they do now and will be directed to the Workforce Development website.

Questions on the CRM or Radius platform?  Email us.

Radius Changes for Students

Current students will not see a change in procedure due to the new admission applications. However, in the near future, post-admission communications will be coordinated and sent through the Radius platform. This enrollment-to-graduation portion of the student lifecycle will benefit from the streamlined automation of our new platform.

For new students applying to CSN, they will need to create a Self Service Center account to start the admission application process. Once your account is created, you will receive an email for account verification. This email address will be used to communicate with you during the entire application and enrollment process.

In order to create a Self Service Center account, they will need:

  • User name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password

The Self Service Center will provide the status of their admission application. Status updates include:

  • Application Started
    • When the Self Service Center account has been verified and they have logged into the application.
  • Application in Progress
    • The application is in progress but has not been submitted. They will need to finish the application and submit it.
  • Applied
    • The application has been submitted and is in queue to be reviewed and processed by admissions staff.

Questions on the CRM or Radius platform?  Email us.

Radius Information Sheet
How to access MyCoyotePLAN
  1. Click “Login” at the top of the page
  2. Enter your CSN username and password
  3. Click the MyCoyotePLAN icon (or search MyCoyotePLAN )
  4. Login with your CSN username and password

* If you are a CSN student employee, you will login to MyCoyotePLAN using your employee username and password.

* A MyCoyotePLAN link is also available in your Canvas course menu.

MyCoyotePLAN Training Sessions

These sessions will give faculty and staff hands-on training for the MyCoyotePLAN platform of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). MyCoyotePLAN serves as the student success, new E-alert, and advising enterprise system for CSN. Please register for the via the CAPE website.