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CSN "Bright Start" Scholarship

Important information:

The CSN “Bright Start” Scholarship has limited funding

Our pre-screen portal will close periodically to allow us time to review applications and ensure we do not exceed capacity.  If you reach our site and the online portal is closed, please check back periodically if you still need assistance.  Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first come first served basis until funding is exhausted.

All applications received by CSN (College of Southern Nevada) (College of Southern Nevada) Financial Aid Scholarships are reviewed for eligibility and completeness. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to meet the needs of our CSN students.

Scholarship Intent:

The CSN Financial Aid Office is proud to announce the “Bright Start” scholarship for CSN degree-seeking students who have children ages 0-11 enrolled in daycare (Pre-K through 5th grade, or after-school programs).  This scholarship was designed to defray the CSN student’s cost of childcare incurred while pursuing academic requirements.  Hence, students will have the opportunity to focus on learning and achieving their educational goals while their children are taken care of.

These limited scholarships are for CSN scholars enrolled each semester in a minimum of six credits, and the credits must lead toward the student’s declared CSN major.

Scholarship Amount:

Annually, funds are awarded as follows: $2000 for academic award year/ $1000 per semester per household, not per child. Awards will be standardized regardless of how many children are in the household. Consequently, if both parents are enrolled at CSN, only one parent can apply and qualify for the scholarship.

Application deadlines are due on December 1st (for the academic year).  

Applications must be resubmitted once every academic year with updated information. This award is not retroactive and cannot be applied to a prior semester. (Unclaimed awards will be forfeited.)  Awards are reviewed per semester based on enrollment and age of the child, and awards will be adjusted according to eligibility guidelines. Recipients of the award are responsible to submit the Spring semester childcare receipts by April 1st in order to avoid forfeiting.

Families should not make ongoing childcare decisions based on past awards or the potential for future scholarship awards. CSN encourages families to think of a “Bright Start” as a way to defray costs that they would otherwise be prepared to pay regardless of an award. Please ensure that you pay for your childcare as usual.

As a courtesy, CSN Financial Aid provides a listing of additional community resources for you to consider at the end of the application.

Before applying, please be sure to read and acknowledge the eligibility requirements:

To Qualify:

  • A resident of Clark County (Nevada residency is a calendar year minimum)
  • Enrolled in a minimum of six credits going towards your declared degree program
  • Must have Children between ages 0-11 in daycare or after-school care
  • Must complete current year FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application and financial aid file must be complete (No defaults, no missing required documentation)
  • Meet CSN Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Successfully complete current semester (No failure grades, withdrawals, or incompletes)
  • Use a qualified childcare provider**
  • Complete the “Bright Start” application and attach all required documents

Incomplete applications will be disqualified, so please provide all the required documents at the time of application.

**The definition of an eligible childcare provider for “A Bright Start” is a center-based childcare provider, FCC provider, or another provider of childcare services for compensation which:

  • Is not an individual related to all children for whom childcare services are provided (no biological non-custodial parent; no older siblings taking care of younger children, or in a house grandparent watching grandchildren).  No familial financial gain.
  • Is licensed, regulated, or registered under state law or is eligible to charge for services rendered.
  • Must be able to provide receipts showing name of child(ren), dates, and costs of services (No Venmo, no Zelle or PayPal or CashApp will be accepted). All handwritten receipts will be subject to additional scrutiny.

Application Process:

  • Students must apply online using Microsoft Forms.
  • Complete the “Bright Start” application by selecting the link below.
  • List the names and ages of the qualified child(ren) and attach a copy of the child’s birth certificate or recent tax returns listing the child’s name as a dependent.
  • List the name, location, and monthly/annual cost of the childcare provider. Attach a minimum of recent 60 days childcare cost receipts.

Applicants should keep current records of the childcare costs. Monthly/annual costs must be clear, including contract information. Student will need to attach the actual receipts, birth certificates with the scholarship application, but the CSN Financial Aid Office reserves the right to request additional documentation at any time for clarification purposes. No Venmo, PayPal, Cash App or Zelle documentation will be accepted as receipts.

(Please note: Christmas Break, Spring Break, and summer semesters are not considered in the cost of childcare.)

CSN “Bright Start” Scholarship Application



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Call Center Hours:

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