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CSN prides itself on our graduating High School class.  The Financial Aid Department and Academic Affairs worked together to create a scholarship to assist our high school graduates to become CSN graduates. Through hard work and dedication, many students are very close to completing an Associate's degree with CSN after high school graduation.

To support your continued success, CSN is offering a one-time CSN President's Scholarship to complete the degree you were dually enrolled for while in High School.  This scholarship would be $1,500 per semester for the first year after graduation.  Please review the following information to see how to qualify and maintain eligibility for the following semester.

Quaifying Criteria

2022 Graduates

  • CSN High School graduates with a weighted GPA of 3.0. or higher Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with any documents required to determine Financial Aid eligibility turned in.
    • To complete the 2022-2023 FASFA, please visit: studentaid.gov then click: Start a new FAFSA, click: “put in student information”, click “find the 2022-23 FAFSA,” fill it out and submit it.
  • Full-time enrollment in classes listed on your declared degree at CSN in Fall, 2022.

2023 Graduates

  • Class of 2023 information will be posted soon.
Priority Deadline

2022 Graduates

CSN High School will provide the Financial Aid Department with a list of graduating students with a 3.0 weighted GPA.  Those students seeking this award must have a completed 2022-23 FAFSA with the CSN school code (010362) and be enrolled full time (12 or more credits) in Fall 2022 at CSN to qualify for the award.

Students will be awarded by August 19, 2022 if they have completed the requirements above.

Eligibility for Fall, 2022 and Spring, 2023 semesters only.

Students graduating in Summer, 2022 may be eligible for the award.  Students will need to meet with a counselor and email the completed degree sheet to be considered for the scholarship.  To qualify for Summer, 2022 award for graduating students, you must:

  • Complete a 2022-2023 FAFSA;
  • Pay for Summer 2022 tuition or arrange a payment plan with Reimbursee’s Office. The Financial Aid Office gets the eligible list from the High School near the end of June and cannot award you until we confirm you met eligibility requirements.

2023 Graduates
More information coming soon

Eligibility for Fall, 2023 and Spring, 2024 semesters only.

Special Notes:

This scholarship is a one-time offer to recent CSN high school graduates for the academic year immediately following graduation. Students that do not qualify due to enrollment cannot have an award transferred to another year or school.

Students in the final semester to graduate: If the student cannot attend full-time in classes listed on their declared degree (because they have less than 12 credit hours to complete graduation requirements),  the student may be eligible for a prorated amount.  Students will need to meet with a counselor, and email a copy of a completed and signed degree sheet showing anticipating graduation to be considered for the scholarship.

Maintain eligibility for Spring, 2023 (SAP)

Scholarship Awardees must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for continued eligibility.  Please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress page for more information regarding CSN's SAP policy.

Benefits of completing an Associate's Degree at CSN

CSN has world-class professors who not only have graduate degrees, but most have “real world” experience in the field that they are teaching. Professors maintain several office hours each week to help support students reaching their success. Additionally, students will really get to know their professors and other students at CSN since class sizes are smaller than most four-year colleges/universities.