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CSN Privacy Statement

In accordance with institutional policy and the U.S. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) vigorously protects the privacy of student education records. The institution does not release private records of individual students, such as grades and class schedules, without the prior written consent of the student.

As permitted under federal law, the sole exception to the above practice is the release of "directory" information considered to be public in nature and not generally deemed to be an invasion of privacy. At CSN, the following categories are defined as "directory" information: name, mailing address, telephone number, dates of attendance, full or part-time status, degree awarded, major, and date of graduation.

Students have the right to request non-disclosure of directory information. If they do not restrict the release of this information, it is probable that the information will be released or disclosed. CSN uses directory information for non-commercial, educational purposes, such as to mail notices to students about changes in policies, services, or opportunities. Directory information may also be provided for commercial purposes to businesses affiliated with the institution, honor societies, the alumni association, and foundation, or other individuals for purposes that may be beneficial to students. The institution exercises discretion in responding to requests for directory information and may or may not provide such information when requested, depending on the intended purpose of the request. The institution does not sell or rent student information for a fee.

It is important to consider carefully the potential consequences of restricting the release of directory information. If a student restricts release for non-commercial educational purposes, the institution will be unable to place the student’s name in publications such as honors and graduation programs; to confirm graduation and dates of attendance to potential employers; to verify enrollment with organizations such as insurance companies; or to send notifications about specialized scholarships without the express written authorization of the student.

If, after due consideration, you wish to restrict the release of directory information, complete this form before the end of the first six weeks of the fall or spring semester and submit it to the Office of the Registrar at the address below. This directive will apply permanently to your record until you choose to reverse it by submitting a written authorization. Select one of the following three non-disclosure options:

CSN Student Records Privacy Form

[   ]   Do not disclose directory information for commercial purposes. (C)

[   ]   Do not disclose directory information for non-commercial (educational) purposes. (E)

[   ]   Do not disclose directory information for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. (N)

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