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ATI TEAS has updated to  version 7.  See ATI's Prep for this version Here

ATI TEAS Remote Exam with Proctorio

Read this Important Announcement First

CSN students currently schedule appointments to take the ATI TEAS Exam through ATItesting.com. Online Remote Testing is offered using Proctorio is a remote proctoring platform that uses machine learning to proctor students from wherever they may be. Details.


  • Please visit the ATI website to register for Proctorio dates for CSN under the "Allied Health" section of testing.
  • Weekday remote testing is now offered along with Saturday dates.

On Campus Limited Testing

CSN Testing Center is offering on campus testing limitedly, based on traffic and if we can safely provide adequate testing environment.


  • Please visit the ATI website to register for Proctorio dates for CSN under the "Allied Health" section of testing.
  • Currently we offer these on Saturdays only, no walk-ins are allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Restroom Breaks allowed?
  • Yes, Restroom breaks are allowed.
  • Take Restroom breaks between sections to ensure that no time is lost, as breaks do not pause the timing when already in a test section.
What do I do when a computer malfunctions?
  • If you have technical issues, please alert Proctorio using the phone number provided in the Student Guide sent to you.
What if I have an issue with the exam?
  • Challenges to test questions or testing room complaints should be reported to Proctorio and ATI immediately after the exam.
What about Test Security?
  • The ATI TEAS Remote exam is a secure exam proctored by proctorio. Each test-taker must take the exam in a responsible, safe, and civil manner per any security policies and academic integrity policies of CSN.
  • A Government ID is required to take the exam.
  • Personal Items are not allowed in the immediate testing area and will be inaccessible during the examination.
    • Books
    • Backpacks
    • Computers
    • Cell phones
      • If a Cell phone sounds or vibrates during the exam, you will be dismissed.
    • Watches
    • And other Items
  • Students are prohibited from discussing content, test questions, or other details relating to the TEAS exam to anyone.
  • Information related to the test is confidential and may not be discussed or revealed to another student.
How many Questions are on the TEAS?
  • The TEAS test comprises 170 questions in four multiple-choice sections. Each section varies in terms of several items and the time to complete that section.
    • Students should plan to be tested for 209 minutes (approximately 3 hours and 29 min)
Will I be able to use a calculator?
  • The test has a built-in calculator. Students are not permitted to use personal calculators.
How should I prepare for the exam?
  • ATI Nursing Education and some nonprofit organizations have developed self-guided study materials to help you target your studies for success on the TEAS. Several package options are available, vary in terms of the extent of the package, and maybe obtainable at a cost. Refer to the ATI website for details (http://atiteasprep.com/smart-prep/).
  • You can also access other TEAS study resources at TEAS Test Study Guide, TEAS practice tests, Free TEAS practice tests. Also, see the ATI TEAS 6-Week Study Plan.
  • The Clark County Library has a free online prep for Reading and English, requires a library card ~ https://ezproxy.lvccld.org/login?url=http://education.gale.com/l-lvccld.
  • Other links: (free)Union Test Prep; YouTube videos - Carolyn McAllister for TEAS Reading & Brian Craft for TEAS Math.