CSN Web Guidelines cover page

These guidelines have been established for anyone involved in developing or maintaining public-facing webpages on behalf of the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), particularly those pages aimed at student recruitment and/or branding of CSN. The Web Guidelines will be periodically updated to reflect the College's continuing web content procedures. In addition to the publishing guidelines included in this document, all content should comply with established institutional policies and both state and federal laws. The College reserves the right to remove a web page from any institutional server found to be in violation of federal, state or local law as well as any institutional regulation, policy, or procedure.
The official internet site for CSN is www.csn.edu. The site's primary objective is to provide an attractive and easily navigable point of entry for visitors and to set the marketing tone and style for all college pages. In addition, the CSN’s website is:
* Geared toward prospective students, parents and the community. It is not meant to serve CSN's internal faculty, staff or current student needs; they will be served by the internal website.
* An authoritative source of information for the current programs and degrees.
* Content-driven, focused on news, events and other engaging and time-sensitive content while promoting social media sharing.
* Consistent with college brand standards. Fonts, colors and graphics are consistent. (Reference the Web Style Guide)
* Responsive. Our site can accommodate mobile devices and is scalable whether viewed on a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer.

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