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Naser Heravi
CC Chair - Computer Technology & Engineering
Computing & Information Tech

Office Hours and Location My office hours and location may change every semester. My physical office location is at the Henderson Campus, Building C, room 201B. I may also hold my office at select rooms at the West Charleston and North Las Vegas campus sites. For the most recent office hours and location see my course syllabus posted in Canvas on the first day of the class. You can also view my sample syllabus located at http://bellagio.csn.edu/~nheravi/courses/ Most of my classes are online and you can always schedule an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. If you plan to see me during office hours, drop by the office, there is no need to make an appointment. Of course, letting me know via an email message when to expect you will be a great idea. About Me   I am a full-time professor at CSN and have been teaching at CSN for over 20 years. I mainly teach programming and database courses. From time to time, I also teach the IS101 course. My main area of teaching in programming is C++, Java and Python. In the database area, I primarily teach the Oracle database management system. You can visit my web site at http://bellagio.csn.edu/~nheravi/courses/ to get more information (see a semi-recent resume!) and sample syllabi for the courses I teach at CSN. I teach online and ground classes and have regular office hours during the semester.  You are welcomed to schedule an appointment with me via the contact information listed above. Education   I hold a doctorate degree in Business Administration and Masters degrees in Engineering and Computer Science.