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ESL Placement Testing Information

ESL Placement Testing is available. The test is remotely proctored. Requirements to complete your placement test include internet access and a device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Please see instructions below and register for your ESL Placement Test today!
ESL placement testing is required for all CSN students entering the ESL program for the first time. The purpose of placement testing is to assess English usage, reading, and writing skills. The results of testing determine placement in the ESL program.

Before Testing

1. Apply for CSN admission
2. Receive confirmation email with 10-digit NSHE student number
3. Validate your GoCSN account and set your password
For account validation and password assistance, call CSN HELP DESK at 702-651-4357

Schedule Your Test

1. Send email to Contact Us
2. In your email, please include
1. Subject- ESL Placement Test
2. Full Name
3. NSHE Student Number
4. Telephone Number
3. Receive confirmation of test registration and instructions for test access in Canvas

On Test Day

1. Log in to Canvas at scheduled time of test
2. Complete the ESL Student Survey and Practice Tests
3. Complete and submit the CSN ESL Placement Test

After Testing

1. Receive message with ESL Program placements
2. Log in to MyCSN to view Test Scores and search courses
3. Enroll in available courses

Any Questions? Please Contact Us or call:

West Charleston Language Lab C-169
(702) 651-5736

North Las Vegas Language Lab C-2649
(702) 651-4475

ESL Placement Test Instructions

The CSN ESL Placement Test is remotely proctored in Canvas. You will access your test at a scheduled date and time.
There is a maximum time of 3 hours to complete and submit your test.

1. Writing

Questions #1-2 Choose Prompt A or Prompt B (Not Both)
Write a Response to the Prompt
Recommended Word Count
Prompt A- 100-300 words
Prompt B- 100-400 words
Recommended Time: 1 to 1.5 hours

2. Language Use

Questions #3-52 50
Multiple Choice Items
Recommended Time: 30 minutes

3. Reading Comprehension

Questions #53-77 4
Reading Passages
22 Multiple Choice Items
3 True/False Items
Recommended Time: 45 minutes

4. Submit Quiz Submit your quiz to end the test session.

Placement Test results and CSN ESL course enrollment information will be sent by email within one business day.
Please login to your MyCSN account to complete enrollment.