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Faculty FAQs

I know little or next to nothing about Canvas LMS. Who can I go to or is there help out there?

The Office of eLearning is here to support you with all of your course needs whether it is strategizing for your next course, helping you to organize and lay out your course, or teaching you one on one about Canvas, our Senior Analysts are happy to help. We also have an excellent online Canvas resource that has just about every tutorial you need if you ever want to go back for a refresher on what you learned, or if you would like to pick up new skills that will help you with Canvas in your course.

If I would like to have assistance getting my online course up to national best practices, who can help?

Any of the Senior Analysts in eLearning would be happy to assist you with your course needs. We have extensive experience in pedagogical strategies and are trained in online and face to face best practices. Just email any of us to make an appointment today!

Who can help me with minor course tweaks in Canvas?

Contact any of the Senior Analysts and we will be happy to help.

I need to rework my course in Canvas. Who can assist me?

Contact any of the Senior Analysts and we will be happy to help.

I am developing my own online course. What are my online resources?
  1. Canvas Simplified resource for instructors.
    This course coaches all learners—from basic to advanced users. Everything you need to know to develop a course is accessible via the table of contents (Modules). It is well-organized with tutorials via written, screen shot, and video instruction. Best practices are completely implemented throughout the instruction, providing nationally recognized standards for development of courses, and the resource also provides checklists, guidelines, and templates to facilitate ease of development. This also includes instruction on the use of integrated tools, such as the BigBlueButton, Smarthinking, Tegrity, and Turnitin, as well as instruction on how to universally design (ADA or 508 compliant) for accessible instruction. Please contact us to have this resource added to your course account in Canvas.
  2. Canvas Search Guides.
    Simply type in the topic you are looking for help with. Chances are there is a tutorial just for that topic.