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How do I log in?

Go to https://www.csn.edu, click on login, and login with your CSN username and password.

MyCSN is not connecting and other issues

What happened to MyCSN?
Nothing has changed.  MyCSN and GoCSN are two different applications.  MyCSN is still where you login to register for classes, make payments, and more.  GoCSN is a single sign-on application that allows you to access all of your CSN and personal applications (like MyCSN) from one site and one login, from any device or location.

Having Trouble logging into MyCSN?
MyCSN is part of NSHE and requires a different username and password than you use for your CSN login. If you need assistance with your MyCSN account, please contact:

Faculty, Staff, and Students:


Students Only:
CSN Call Center: 
702-651-5555 (dial option 4) (available 9 am - 7 pm Monday through Friday).

Faculty and Staff Only:

When the MyCSN page loads I am in guest mode and I can't click anything.
To fix this follow these steps:

  1. Clear your internet browser's cache and cookies.  You can find instructions by going to https://www.csn.edu/mycsn-faq#8.
  2. Close all open internet browser windows.
  3. Re-launch your internet browser and go to https://www.csn.edu/mycsn
What is WebPass and how do I install it?

WebPass is a browser plugin which allows you to use single sign on with non-CSN related websites. For installation instructions, please view the following document: Installation for Webpass

What do the icons on the page represent?

The screen is called a workspace. The icons you see in the center of the screen are called tiles. These tiles are applications and websites you can use to perform common CSN tasks. The home workspace shows default, recent, and favorite tiles.

If you are looking for a specific tile you can click on the menu at the bottom of the screen and it will take you to the various areas associated with your type of account at CSN. For instance in your account you have set up some tiles in the My Tiles area which are links to things or applications that you enjoy using.

How do I update my passwords?

You can update passwords for certain tiles you have set up in GoCSN.

  1. Click on account or authentication in the bottom workspace selection menu.
  2. Click the authentication tile. From this page you can update passwords and login information for your tiles.

Note: If you need to update your CSN login password, you will want to do that here: CSN Password Administration

What is the menu at the top of the screen used for?

In the upper right hand corner is the main menu. If you click on your name it simply takes you back to your home tiles area. The Cloud icon is for the web store. When you click it you are able to add any of these tiles to your workspaces. The tiles contain education information, news, and other services a CSN faculty, staff, or studemnt might be interested in. To close this menu click the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

The next item over is your open applications button. This area shows you any applications you currently have open. This is nice when you may have opened something and for one reason or another cannot find it. If you click the X on the tile, it will close the application. If you click the tile itself it will take you to the application. If you click the X in the upper right hand corner of the screen, it simply closes the open applications menu.

The next button is the question mark. If you click this it produces an overlay which allows you to see labels of the various items you have access to. If you click again the menu disappears. The last icon is the log out button. Once you press this you are logged out of GoCSN. On the far left hand side is search and it allows you to search for applications, or alternatively you can click on the globe and search something on the internet in general.

How do I open an application?

Click on the tile of the application.

What is webStorage and how do I use it?

One very nice feature of the GoCSN environment is the webStorage area. If you click this tile, it opens up the webStorage application. Once it is loaded, you have access to your departmental drive and your user drive (which many call the H: Drive). You can upload and download files to areas normally only accessible on campus or via VPN.

To upload a file:

  1. Click the upload icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Browse for a file on your computer, select it, and then click upload.
  3. Click done. Notice that your file is now on your user drive.

If you need to download a file click on the file you wish to download and it will download just like it does for any other website. The instructions for uploading and downloading to the departmental drive are the same; just make sure that you have clicked Department Drive. Note: If you right click, you get a lot of functionality that you are used to seeing on a normal desktop computer.  Remember any changes you make to a file on your local computer will need to be reuploaded to WebStorage as the changes are not synced automatically.  Once the file is reuploaded to WebStorage it is strongly recommended to delete the file from your local computer.

How do I add a tile?

To add a tile:

  1. Go to the appropriate workspace using the workspace selection menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Right click and select add tile.
  3. On the next screen, type in the URL, a title, and whether not you want it to save a password.
  4. Click save.

At this point workspaces may ask you to supply a username and password or it may take you to the website which you have specified and have you log in. After you have logged in, your credentials will be stored and you will only need to click on the tile in the future. Should you happen to need to change your password or remove the tile, you can do so simply by right clicking and selecting the appropriate option. Note: If you are in the My Tiles workspace, you will see a small icon with a plus sign on the lower right part of your screen. You can click this to add a tile in the same manner as described above using the right click.

How do add tiles to my favorites?

Right click on a tile and select add to favorites. The advantage of doing this is that the tile is now available from your home workspace.

How do I use the WebPass plugin?

  1. Go to MyTiles.
  2. Right click and select add tile.
  3. Type in the url of the website.
  4. Check the “add a password” box and then click save.

Look at the bottom of your browser on the page it has opened. You should be seeing a large gray bar which has instructions on it. This is the web pass plug in. If you do not see this bar, it can sometimes be because you have a pop-up blocker that may be blocking the webpass plug-in from functioning. Check your browser settings if you are having issue with not seeing this. Keep in mind it is also possible that you do not have the web pass plug in. Please refer to the video tutorial on installing webpass if you have not already.

  1. Navigate to the login page and click next.
  2. Click on the field where you type your username.
  3. Click the field where you type in your password.
  4. Click on the button that triggers the log in.
  5. Enter your username and password for the site.
  6. Click continue.
  7. You should see a message that says the login information was saved successfully. Click done. Now you can click the tile in GoCSN and it will log you in automatically.
Can I request a tile be added to the system?

Yes. You can send a request to:

How do I update custom tile login information?

Right click on the tile, and select manage password.

What do "skip" and "always skip" mean on tiles that require a login?

Skip means you will have to login at the site. Always Skip bypasses the tile login window altogether.

How do I get technical support for GoCSN?

Local: 702-651-HELP (4357)

I am a new user. How do I validate my account?

As a new user, you will need to validate your account.

Students: www.csn.edu/stuverify

Faculty and Staff: Validate your Account

GoCSN Tile Descriptions - Students

Canvas - Canvas is the LMS used for online and web enhanced CSN courses.

OTS Self Service - Access to the Help Desk where you can submit a ticket or request.

Student Email - View any messages sent to your student CSN email.

Advisor Appointment - Get information on available resources and services on campus.

Athletics - Stay up to date with the latest on CSN athletics.

CAS Tutoring - Centers for Academic Success. Get free one-on-one tutoring.

CoyoteQ - Access to the registrar, financial aid, testing center and much more!

CSN Emergency Notification- Get real-time safety alerts for any emergencies that might occur on campus

GoCSN Tutorials - Learn more about GoCSN and access frequently asked questions.

Internal atCSN - Get information about CSN, classes and schedules.

My Coyote Success - Access a multitude of workshops available to you as a student at CSN.

MyCSN - Access many CSN applications and tools.

OneDrive Storage - Cloud storage for all your files and documents.

Password Registration - Reset your Active Directory network account password.

Student Account Validation - Validate your student number and retrieve your password.

Syllabus Search - Find a course syllabus for a class you’re enrolled in.

GoCSN Tile Descriptions - Faculty

Annual Evaluation - For academic faculty, professional, administrative, and classified staff.

Canvas - Canvas is the LMS used for online and web enhanced CSN courses.

Syllabus Search (Faculty) - Access syllabi via course catalog and edit account information.

Curricunet - Track workflow changes to CSN curriculum.

MyCSN - Access many CSN applications and tools.

Professional Advancement Program - Submit a request for advancement.

Sabbatical Leave Application - Submit application forms for sabbatical leave.

Student Account Validation - Easily help a student validate their account.

CAS Tutoring - Centers for Academic Success. Get free one-on-one tutoring.

Syllabus Search (Student) - View course syllabus from the viewpoint of a student.

GoCSN Tile Descriptions - Employee

25Live - Web-based calendaring, scheduling, and publishing.

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CAPE - The Center for Academic and Professional Excellence.

CAS Tutoring - Centers for Academic Success. Get free one-on-one tutoring.

CSN Emergency Notification - Get real-time safety alerts for any emergencies that occur on or near campus.

Employee Email - View any messages sent to your employee CSN email.

Go2Knowledge - Train Online. Learn Anytime.

iLeave - Submit leave requests, electronically.

Internal atCSN - Get information about CSN, classes and schedules.

iService Desk Request (On Campus Only) - Submit, query, and report on work requests.

Lab and Classroom Software Request - Request software for classrooms or individual computers.

Letters of Appointment (Getting shut of the end of August, replaced by WorkDay - Create and process part-time employee documents.

OTS Service Now - Submit or view tickets through the self service help desk.

Password Reset - Reset your active directory password.